A "palindrome week" occurs for 10 days straight, nine years in a row, in the second decade of every century. 

The date "9-10-19" marks the beginning of the last palindrome week for this century. 

A palindrome simply means a word or number sequence that you can read the same back and forth. Some palindrome words include wow, radar, and madam. The names Hannah and Ava are also palindromes. However, a palindrome number sequence only occurs in dates over a nine-year period in the second decade of each century.  

According to Time and Date, dates are typically written in the format "mm-dd-yy," however, a palindrome date's format is written as, m-dd-yy. This format allows the dates to be read the same both ways. 

The dates this week read: 

  • 9-10-19
  • 9-11-19
  • 9-12-19
  • 9-13-19
  • 9-14-19
  • 9-15-19
  • 9-16-19
  • 9-17-19
  • 9-18-19
  • 9-19-19

This century's palindrome phenomenon began back in 2011. Just think about it: Since humans only live an average of 80-90 years, this is likely the last palindrome week we'll ever experience. The next won't occur until November 11, 2111. The phenomenon will repeat periodically through 2119.

Don't worry: if it took you five minutes to understand what a palindrome week is, you are not alone! 

What do you think about this phenomenon? Did you know that it was a palindrome week? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!