Whether you've been together for 3 months or 30 years, try these creative ways to spend time together with the one you love.

No, Valentine's Day isn't coming up. But you can still be intentional and have fun date nights with the one you love. Life's demands can crowd in little by little. Schedule time for just the two of you, and be creative together.

Create a Feast in the Kitchen

Spend the evening together cooking for each other. Select from one of thousands of recipes on Pinterest, and go for it. Split up the meal with one person taking care of the main dish and a side, and the other person preparing a side and dessert. Or, you can work side-by-side on every dish. Turn up the volume on the tunes and sip your favorite beverages as you work together. 

Stay Inside and Tech Free

Turn off the television and throw away your phones. (Okay, don't really throw them away. Just stash them in a drawer ... for only an evening.) Play a board game by candlelight. Let the less competitive of the two of you choose the game while the more competitive one prepares a snack. If you're both terribly competitive, try a two-player cooperative game like Code Names Duet. While you're playing, talk about what you appreciate most in your teammate. (We've also put together a shopping guide that lists out the best board games for adults!)

Take a Walk and Hold Hands

This date can fit into any schedule. Set aside time after lunch on a weekday or Saturday morning before the house projects commence. Depending on your schedule, you can choose to walk in your neighborhood or go to a nearby scenic path. Make it special by holding hands for the entire walk, and even sneak in a kiss here and there before you return home.

Try Something New

Are there grand things on your bucket list you've always wanted to try? Or simple hobbies that have caught your interest? Strengthen your brain and your love for each other as you dive in and learn a new hobby. Whether it's an outoor activity, an artistic endeavor, or a class at the local recreation center, try something new together.

Volunteer Together

Find a common cause that ignites excitement for both of you. Take time to research together and find the best way to connect in a meaningful and effective way. Mentor youth, hang posters, or serve at the local animal shelter. Making a difference together has exponential benefits emotionally and within the community. You'll be glad you invested in others—especially the special one you love.

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