Who needs a boring photography studio when you live in beautiful Colorado?

The end of summer is the optimal time to have your high school senior’s picture taken. Living in beautiful Colorado, there isn’t a studio needed with the primo natural stages available within a short drive of Denver. 

Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre

Red Rocks' main entrance, located at 18300 W. Alameda Parkway, will take you to the Trading Post, which is a good location to meet your photographer. From there, every car cut-out going up the hill provides an amazing photo opportunity. Forget about the busy amphitheater (there are always exercise junkies running the stairs and tourists checking it out anyways). The best lighting for picture taking is 6:30 p.m. or later.

Daniels Park

Daniels Park near Castle Pines Parkway (8682 N. Daniels Park Rd.) is a 1,000-acre park high on a mesa with remarkable canyon views, rustic fences, and shelters that make for extraordinary photo opportunities. Your senior can stand safely on a flat rock high in the sky with acres of green and the mountain skyline in the background. A good place to meet your photographer is at the Shelter House inside Daniels Park—you can choose your location within the park from there.

roxborough state park, senior photos
Courtesy of Shotzr, Photo by Nate Castner (@natecastner)

Roxborough State Park

If you don’t mind buying a day pass, Roxborough State Park has a picture opportunity at every turn in its 4,000 acres. There is only one entrance located at 4751 E. Roxborough Dr. in Littleton. Situated at the base of the foothills, its rock formations are unique and one of a kind. Arrowhead golf course—hands down, the most beautiful golf course in Colorado—is right next door. 

Union Station

Union Station, in the heart of Denver, with its cool architecture and fountain out front and funky neighbors with red brick walls provides an altogether different photo experience. The city lights create a photographer’s ambiance dream. Nearby alleys with art on the walls and old buildings and architecture within a short walk give a photographer all sorts of options. Parking can be a chore, though, and depending on the evening, it can be crowded if your senior is the shy type.

Chatfield State Park

Lastly, if your senior wants a Colorado beach or lake picture, Chatfield State Park is surrounded by trees on one side, offers views of the Rocky Mountain foothills, a damn that can be walked, and a beach that has good-looking sand—a boat in the background is almost guaranteed. If you do not have a state park pass, you will need to purchase a $10 day pass to gain entrance to the park with a vehicle. The chances of seeing or having a heron or bald eagle in your picture are pretty good as well. The swim beach parking lot is a perfect place to meet your photographer, near the Wadsworth and C-470 entrance. The other entrance for Chatfield State Park is at 11500 Roxborough Park Rd.

Where were your amazing senior pictures taken? Tell us in the comments!