Go on a magical journey with Cowboy Tim as he discovers the ins and outs of the Twitterverse.

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown all of us a major curveball, with many people finding themselves filling roles they never expected to. One such individual is Tim Send, the Oklahoma City's National Cowboy & Western Museum's head of security. Tim has stolen the hearts of Twitter with his daily posts on behalf of the museum, and you can follow along as he learns how to use hashtags and more.

It's everything we need right now, so we wanted to share this sweet man's tweets with you.

Meet Tim:

He shares the museum's artifacts with us, including the hat and eye patch worn by John Wayne in True Grit, as seen below. But, he does seem to have trouble understanding how hashtags work ...

A few days later, Tim comes really close to finally figuring out those pesky hashtags:

We would, too, Tim!

Tim knows they are up to something:

Taking some selfies, well, sort of ...

That’s better!

Tim takes on "Tick Tock":

Tim gets engaged:

We would also like to be there, Tim!

Not sure about you guys, but we love that he signs every tweet with "Thanks, Tim":

We really appreciate the daily dose of wholesomeness in this crazy world. Learning about history is pretty awesome, too. In the daily upheaval and uncertainty we all dealing with, we really need this right now.

All we can say is, thanks, Tim.

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