Stick to your resolutions with these free, no-fuss workout options

Getting more exercise was the most popular New Year's resolution in 2018, according to a survey from YouGov. But saving money was also high on the list, and starting a new fitness plan can be costly. Big gyms charge an average of $54 per month, and you can expect to pay much more than that if you attend regular studio classes in Denver. Luckily, there are several fitness programs that will get you in shape for the new year without breaking the bank. Here are some unique and free ways to get more exercise in 2019. 

Take the SELF New Year's Challenge

This free, four-week program features 20 bodyweight workouts, warm-up options, and tons of recipes. It's easy to follow along with the calendar, so you don't have to think about planning your next workout, and the pictures and videos help you check your form. You'll need to discover some other workout channels after the month is up, but it's a great place to start. 

Try a 30-Day Yoga Journey

Adriene Mishler has become one of the most popular online yoga instructors, and you won't find that surprising when you try her all-level yoga videos. Each January, Adriene releases a new, free, 30-day yoga program, and we promise you'll free great by the end of it. The videos don't expire, so you can complete the yoga classes at your own pace, but we recommend doing one each day for the full experience. When you're finished with these year's program, called "Dedicate," you can explore previous years' 30-day-journeys. 

Courtesy of Yoga with Adriene

Download a Free App

There are a handful of free fitness apps that you can try for personalized workouts. Sworkit will guide you through a customized playlist of bodyweight exercises, while 7-Minute Workout offers options for folks who are short on time. Kineticoach will even generate a workout for you based on your mood. Freeletics has 900 workout routines that don't require any weights. Explore the app store for even more options. 

Attend Saturday Snowga

You can do yoga on the ice with fellow Denverites for free each Saturday until February 2. You'll want to wear warm clothing for this class, which is led by Yoga High and starts at 9:00 a.m. The class is donation-based and proceeds benefit the nonprofit Set Them Free. It's located at Downtown Denver Rink. Bring a mat, towel, water bottle, and appropriate footwear.

Explore the Great Outdoors

A moderate hike might be just the exercise you need on a weekend. We may be in the middle of winter, but you can still bundle up and head outdoors to explore the many parks around Denver. Check out our list of the best parks to visit in the winter time. If you're a dog owner, consider checking out the off-leash dog area at Cherry Creek State Park. There's tons of space and different terrain for Fido to explore, and you can get a two-mile walk or run completed at the same time. 

What is your preferred method of working out? Do you bike, hike, or attend a gym that you love? Let us know in the comments. 

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