Let us help you find the perfect gift for your girlfriend this Valentine’s Day.  

The best Valentine’s Day gift shows just how much you know your loved one. Whether she’s a foodie or a fitness guru, we have just what you need to express your love and do just that. Check out our ultimate Valentine's Day list and find the perfect gift for your girlfriend! 

Custom Star Map for Your Astrology Lover

couple with star map
Courtesy of The Night Sky

The Night Sky | $60

Does your girlfriend enjoy gazing into the night sky, reading her horoscope, or catching up on astrology? Then, give her a gift that she will cherish more than the entire galaxy itself.

Memorialize the first time your heart skipped a beat, your first kiss, or the special night that you met with a personalized star map. These maps create a custom image of the night sky on any given day and preserve any special event for you. You can get them printed on quality paper and have it framed for your girlfriend’s office or home.

Fried Chicken Bouquet for the Foodie in Your Life

fried chicken bouquet
Courtesy of LaveetheFlorist and Golden Tulips Atelier

Do it Yourself | $15

If your girlfriend believes that the way to her heart is through her stomach, then this is the perfect gift. Instead of flowers that will die a week after you buy them, lovers this year are opting for a Fried Chicken Bouquet. These bouquets are all the rage in 2020 and include some delicious and crunchy chicken surrounded by gorgeous garnishes or appetizers. All you have to do is buy some chicken from your girlfriend's favorite restaurant and arrange them to look like a floral bouquet. 

A Personalized Book for Your Book Lover


book of us
Courtesy of The Book of Us

The Book of Us | $40

The story of your love is the most romantic gift you could ever give someone. Therefore, if your girlfriend is a bookworm, you’ll definitely want to consider this gift.

The Book of Us helps loved ones memorialize their love in the form of a story. The company helps you create a personalized book that describes the first time you met, your favorite memory, or any other moment in your relationship. Each book is customized to you and is very easy to create.

Personalized Yoga Mat for the Fitness Guru in Your Life


yoga mats
Courtesy of Personalization Mall

Personalization Mall | $30

Namaste! These personalized yoga mats are perfect for anyone working to balance their chakras, relax their mind, or exercise at home. You can write whatever you’d like on the mats, including the day you met, the words “I love you,” or simply your girlfriend’s first name. Whatever you decide to write, the fitness guru in your life is sure to love it.

Sound Wave of Your First Dance for the Music Lover

sound wave
Courtesy of Artsy Voiceprint

Artsy Voiceprint | $30-80

Does your girlfriend express herself through music? Then she is sure to love this musically inspired Valentine’s Day gift.

Artsy Voiceprint takes lyrical and musical moments in your life and celebrates them through art. All you have to do is provide a voice recording, song, or any other precious sound, and they will turn it into a visual soundwave that you can hang on the wall. Some great ideas for sounds include the first time you heard your child’s heartbeat, the song of your first dance, or your girlfriend’s favorite song.

Alcohol Bouquet for the Party Girl in Your Life

alcohol bouquet
Courtesy of Pinterest

Do It Yourself | $15-20

Do you and your girlfriend like to go out? Then, why not pregame Valentine’s Day with an alcohol bouquet? These bouquets are easy to make and simply involve a trip to your local liquor store. Just grab airplane bottle sizes of your girlfriend’s favorite drinks and arrange them together like a bouquet. You can then put them in a vase and decorate them with ribbons to fancy it up.

Timeless Roses and Words for the Romantic in Your Life

Courtesy of Barney's

La Fleur Bouquets | $40 – $500

Movies have taught us that words last a lifetime. In The Notebook, Noah reads from his journal to help Allie remember the past, in P.S. I Love You, Gerry leaves a series of letters for his wife to encourage her to move forward in life, and in Dear John, John and Savannah stay in touch through letters. So this year, why not send your girlfriend some timeless words surrounded by roses that will also last a lifetime?

La Fleur Bouquets create a presentation of flowers known as lifetime roses. They’re real roses that last up to three years and include a customized note that will show your loved one just how much you care. Write something meaningful and surround your timeless words in flowers.  

Custom M&Ms for Your New Girlfriend

personalized M&Ms

Courtesy of M&Ms

M&M's | $15-25

Buying a gift for a new girlfriend can be tough. What says you care without making you seem too clingy or creepy? M&Ms are the answer.

M&M’s Heartfelt Candy Gift Box shows that you put some extra thought into the gift but doesn’t scream “I love you” just yet. You can write whatever you want on the M&Ms, or simply put a picture of the two of you. It’s easy to order and will definitely be a hit with your new girlfriend.

Get your girlfriend a gift that shows how much you care. Let us know how you celebrate the most romantic day of the year and be sure to have a wonderful Valentine's Day!