Double the pleasure; double the fun.

Brian Barczyk recently posted a video of his pet snake, Ben and Jerry, eating two whole mice ... at the same time! Not impressed? What if I told you that Ben and Jerry share a body? 

There it is. Check out the insane video below:

*Viewer discretion advised.*

Perhaps obviously, it didn't take long for the video to go viral—inspiring both fascination and some horror to the internet at large. Barczyk is the owner of The Reptarium, a reptile zoo in Southeast Michigan. Ben and Jerry is a King Snake that, according to Brian, has polycephal—a non-hereditary mutation—giving him two separate brains but a shared digestive track and all other internal organs.

This King Snake is especially unique due to its age. Ben and Jerry is currently going strong at the age of 4, while most two-headed snakes don't survive nearly that long. Telling Newsweek, Barczyk said that "99.9% of the already rare occurrence of two-headed snakes never make it past their first birthday," but that "thankfully, once they reach adulthood they usually live full lives."

Interestingly, Ben (the left head) is apparently the dominant of the duo.  He eats more often than his counterpart Jerry, having about twice as many rodents.

There doesn't seem to be many that are disgusted by the King Snake's eating habits, or others prophecizing the end of the world. At over 20,000 likes on Instagram, Ben and Jerry has mostly won the crowd over.

Do you think the video is cool? Are you completely grossed out? What do you think about Ben and Jerry?? Let us know in the comments.