Your feel-good bear story of the day ... 

Brian and Tricia Hurt were boating with their son Brady in a Wisconsin lake this past weekend when they came across a young black bear swimming—only, the bear's head was stuck inside a clear plastic cheese balls container. And as the container slowly filled with water, the family could see that the bear was obviously struggling to stay afloat.

“That was the thing I remember most, is that bear panting heavily, trying to get air," Brian later told the media. "Can you imagine having that down in the water, it sealed it off so it couldn’t get fresh air into that jug?” 

With their son Brady at the helm, the family drew the boat up close to the bear so that Brian could attempt to free its head. The first try wasn't successful, and the bear drifted away. But eventually, they were able to help it.

Watch the heartwarming rescue here:

The bear eventually made it safely to shore.

Following the rescue, the family learned from people at a nearby resort that the bear had been seen with its head stuck in the container for a few days.