According to the recently released study, “2019’s Best Big Cities to Live In” by WalletHub, Virginia Beach snagged the No. 1 spot!

To conduct the study, WalletHub selected 62 of the largest U.S. cities with a population of 300,000+. The methodology used to determine the best and worst big cities in which to live compared five key categories with 56 indicators of appeal.  

Virginia Beach #1 Big City to Live 2019 Virginia is for Lovers Virginia Beach Town Center

Virginia Beach Town Center "An an urban experience in a resort area" (Courtesy of Armada Hoffler Properties)

Each city was graded with a total possible score of 100 points; the highest score represented the most favorable city. Below is the list of the five key categories and an example of one of the 56 indicators per corresponding category (click here to see all 56 indicators of appeal):

  1. Affordability: Total 20 pts indicator: Homeownership Rate: Full Weight (~2.86 Points)
  2. Economy: Total 20 pts indicator: Unemployment Rate: Full Weight (~1.67 Points)
  3. Education & Health: Total 20 pts indicator: High School Graduation Rate: Full Weight (~1.82 Points)
  4. Quality of Life: Total 20 pts indicator: Restaurants per Capita*: Full Weight (~0.83 Points)
  5. Safety: Total 20 pts indicator: Property-Crime Rate: Full Weight (~5.00 Points)

Based on the weighted average across all of the metrics calculated, the total scores were used to rank the order of each city. And that, my friends, is the synopsis of how Virginia Beach was determined to be the “2019's Best Big City to Live In.”

Below, see the top five "Best Large Cities," and click here to see the entire list.

Viginia Beach number one place to live WalletHub study 2019 Virginia is for Lovers

Courtesy of WalletHub

Did you know that Virginia Beach is the largest city in the Commonwealth of Virginia? Let us know what you think of this study ... We're always curious to know your thoughts.