A picture of a 4-year-old girl went viral after she discovered a local Ulta Beauty ad of a model in a wheelchair.

Ulta Beauty is a popular destination to find a variety of makeup brands such as Too Faced, Urban Decay, and Clinique. This past week, the Leesburg store in Virginia struck a chord in the heart of one 4-year-old girl, thanks to one of its ads.

The little girl happily shocked her parents when their daughter paused to look at the window-sized poster of a female model in a wheelchair. The mom snapped a picture of the tender moment, which went viral.

girl in wheelchair

The little girl, Maren Andersen, has a rare genetic disease, and she herself needs a wheelchair for easier mobility. Her parents, Carolyn and Tim Anderson, shared the photo on their Facebook page August 14, and since then thousands of people have witnessed this beautiful moment. An Ulta Beauty spokeswoman reached out to the family, thanking them for sharing the photo. They are also going to arrange a meeting between the model and Anderson. 

Ulta Beauty first opened its doors in 1990, and since then has become the nation's No. 1 stop for people to shop for all their beauty necessities. The company prides itself on its mission—being champions of diversity, devoted to their customer's satisfaction, and creating new policies that help benefit their employees. Ulta Beauty offers salon services, over 25,000 products, and about 500 brands for guests to choose from. 

In the past year, more beauty and clothing companies are using “real” models to display their clothing and beauty products. You can find models of every shape, ethnicity, and even heavily pierced and tattooed people, letting a whole new generation relate easier to the brands they love. Aerie has been using the hashtag #AerieREAL to help spread the body positivity. Campaigns such as these are important to shine the light on women and men with disabilities and illness, such as paraplegics and the skin disease vitiligo. Aerie also has produced pictures of their models without retouching the photos, showing off their authentic figures. Everyone can relate to these real people because they look like you and me instead of the models we are used to seeing. Loving your own skin is fabulous and thanks to these companies, the “new” beautiful is your very own reflection.

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