This Virginia woman's last Christmas gift was ... not so great. No thanks, Mother Nature.

People Magazine reports that a Springfield, Virginia, woman encountered what no good person would wish on anyone: an invasion of 100 praying mantises that came from her live Christmas tree. 

Our nation seems more divided than ever right now, but one of the fiercest debates on our agenda during the holidays is whether a person should get a real tree -- or a fake one. 

Some say real. Some say fake. 

The war has raged for decades, as "real tree people" claim "fake tree people" don't have any Christmas spirit, while "fake tree people" claim "real tree people" aren't thinking logically.  

I know you know what I'm talking about. This devastating debate has held homes in intense battles for ages. But now? We fake tree people have some real ammo, daggumit. 

So how did this mantis invasion happen? It turns out there were mantis eggs on the (real) tree when Springfield resident Molly Kreuse bought it. And like an alien invasion movie, chaos ensued when they hatched. 

They are literally crawling around her house in droves. Yuck. 

Kreuse is now working to undo the mess. However, she is a kind-hearted woman and has decided not to kill them -- She will instead release the mantises into the wild. 

The outcome of this for her? People Magazine reports that Kreuse has defected to the dark side -- to the fake tree people.

OH. YES. (fist pump of victory) 

Direct quote from People:

"She’s resolved to buy a fake Christmas tree next year." 

Welcome to the club, Molly! 

Are you a fake tree person or a real tree person? If you're a real tree person -- why? And If this happened to you, would you defect to the fake tree side as well?

What would you do in this scenario? Let us know in the comments below, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

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