With this three-hour Shenandoah Forest tour by Virginia Canopy Tours, you can literally walk on top of the trees (and zip line from them, too)!

Forget about K.C. and the Sunshine Band's "Walkin' on Sunshine" -- At Virginia Canopy Tours, you'll be WALKIN' ON TREETOPS! And zip lining from them too! 

A little over an hour from the DMV, Virginia Canopy Tours offers a unique experience for the outdoorsy, thrill-seeking types. Participants walk across "sky bridges" and "air stair bridges," as well as zip through the forest at speeds up to (and even over) 40 miles per hour and at heights reaching 90 feet above the forest floor -- all while attached to two steel cables. The canopy tour finale is a hair-raising 1,035-foot zip down the face of the ridge to a rappel!

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What You Get 

In its entirety, the tour takes approximately three hours, which includes: 

  • Ground School

  • UTV Trail Ride

  • Eight Zip Lines

  • One Sky Bridge

  • One Air Stair Bridge

  • Two Nature Walks

  • A Rappel

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During the canopy tour, participants will enjoy breathtaking views of the Massanutten Mountains and the gorgeous forest of the Shenandoah Valley.  Guests will learn about the history of the Shenandoah Valley, native plant species, and the wildlife who make the woods their home.

All participants receive individual safety and braking training and are accompanied by two certified eco-trained guides. Participants are attached to the cables by lanyards whenever above the forest floor, and all safety equipment is handled by the guides 100 percent of the time. Virginia Canopy Tours reserves the right to exclude anyone from participation, so in my Grandma Brown's words, "don't act a fool." 

Say Cheese! (or Trees)!

The tour company will even snap pics of you and capture your adventure in the trees! There's a photographer out on the course taking pictures of each tour. At the end of each tour, the pictures can be viewed and purchased on a flash drive for $40 plus tax, or you can purchase individual prints of the photos you want.

They also rent GoPro video cameras that are strapped to the helmet for $35, and the SD card is yours to take home. 

Guests are also allowed to bring their own camera as long the camera has a strap that can be attached to the harness. Point-and-shoot cameras with a lanyard are the best cameras to bring.

canopy tours

Pricing and Discounts

The price per tour per person is $89. BUT...there are several discount options.

  • Kids' Discount – Kids ages 10 to 15 years old fly half price every weekday excluding holidays.  Each child must be accompanied by a full-paying adult to receive half price.
  • Group Discount – Discounting is available for groups of 8 or more Monday–Friday, excluding holidays.
    • 8–15 people = $5 off per person
    • 16–23 people = $10 off per person
    • 24–31 people = $15 off per person
    • 32 or more = $20 off per person
  • Military Discount – All active duty and veterans receive $10 off seven days a week. 
  • Public Servants – All police, firemen, and teachers receive $10 off seven days a week.
  • Local Discount – All residents of Warren County receive $10 off on Mondays with valid Warren County address.

Are you going to check out the bird's eye view with Virginia Canopy Tours? Tell us all about it in the comments! 

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