It might look different, but the work is still getting done.

In times of uncertainty, we're realizing we can still be useful and participate in volunteer activities from home. Although participation requires innovation, patience, and access to technology, it's certainly not impossible. That is why many volunteer organizations across the U.S. can still depend on communities at large to assist those in need. While the ask may look a little different, work is still getting done. Here are a few organizations that are leaning on technology to feed into vulnerable communities. 

United Nations Volunteers

With United Nations Volunteers you can put your skills into action for use anywhere in the world. Here you can assist organizations worldwide by contributing to developmental challenges related to COVID-19 by lending to writing, teaching, and translation initiatives. Click here to see how you can apply your skills.

Crisis Text Line

Many people need emotional support during this time, and if you consider yourself to be a solid mediator, the Crisis Text Line needs you. This organization offers free training to those interested in helping others navigate through complex emotions. Once training is completed, counselors commit to four hours per week until 200 hours are met. Counselors answer texts from those in crisis and offer safety planning and assist in problem-solving. Click here to become a counselor.

Be My Eyes

Be My Eyes is a free app that provides help to those that are blind or have low vision. Volunteers offer visual assistance through live video calls to help with everyday tasks, such as reading instructions and labels. To learn more and to download the app, click here

Project Implicit

Amid crisis, we can find ignorance re-surfacing that results in hateful behavior towards specific groups of people. That's why organizations like Project Implicit research implicit social cognition to educate the public about hidden biases. The ask of this organization is simple. They're asking people to volunteer their time to take online tests to learn the best ways to break down stereotypes. This has the potential for people to think positively about inclusion and diversity. To learn more, click here


High school students participating in online learning at home could benefit from UPchieve. This is a free online platform that virtually connects underprivileged students to volunteer coaches and mentors. Volunteers can set up their schedules to assist in areas of academics or college counseling. Click here to become a volunteer.  

Lending a helping hand can make all the difference. Tell us how you plan to use your gifts to help others during this challenging time.