From poop emojis to oddly shaped swans, retailers have got you covered. 

Floating away in the pool is a very relaxing activity, yes? But when choosing a float, people usually go for the typical, plain, boring round tube. Why get that when you can surprise your friends with these crazy, colorful options? Spice up your pool party with one of the odd pool floats listed below!


Head on down to Margaritaville because it's Five O' Clock Somewhere -- in your pool! Float away in your favorite drink of summer! Who said you can't drink it and sit on it, too? Get it for $20 on Amazon, here!

Courtesy of Amazon


This one looks like a lot of fun! Share it with your friends, and watch them struggle to get onto it! Purchase this ride for $36.98 on Amazon, here.

Courtesy of Amazon

Ridiculous Inflatable Swan-Thing

Who drew this? And who thought turning it into an inflatable was a good idea? Confuse everyone by bringing this along with you to your next poolside BBQ; you're just gonna have to keep explaining that it's a swan! Get it on Urban Outfitters for $60, here!

Courtesy of Urban Outfitters


Freak out other party guests with this option! Who doesn't want to get down like Crocodile Dundee? Get it on Amazon for $15.34, here!

Courtesy of Amazon

Wacky Waving Tubeman

We all know and love seeing the Wacky Waving Man at car dealerships -- now you get to take him for a dip in the pool! *insert waving dance moves here* Get it on Amazon for $18.97.

Courtesy of Amazon

Diamond Ring

Cheapest diamond ring ever -- and an incredible way to propose, yes?! Get this beauty at Target for $19.99! Check it out here!

Courtesy of Target

Pint of Beer

Beer and pool floats should not mix ... but, somehow Target thinks they do. This bad boy costs just $30 -- Check it out here!

Courtesy of Target


The classic slice of pizza -- just be careful not to get too greasy with tanning lotion. You can purchase this for $19! Check it out here!

Courtesy of Target

Toilet Seat

Float away on your golden (rather white) throne. Get it at Walmart for $15, here


Courtesy of Walmart

Poop Emoji

I mean, if you feel like floating on a turd, you do you. Get it on Amazon for $15, here!

Courtesy of Amazon


*Shivers* This is what nightmares are made of. The perfect prop for executing a great prank, you can just toss it in the pool and watch as everyone jumps out screaming and running away! Get this creepy crawler for $11.85 on Amazon, here!

Courtesy of Amazon


Cute and practical! Get this on Amazon for just $19, here!

Courtesy of Amazon


This one isn't necessarily weird; it's just cute! After all, sloths are all the rage right now! Get it at Walmart for $35, here!

Courtesy of Walmart

**Featured image (SunnyLife Llama Pool Float) courtesy of Bloomingdale's

Regardless of which one you choose, you get to be the talk of the party by bringing one of these eccentric floats along! 

Did we miss your favorite? Are there any weirder ones out there? Tell us in the comments below.