A "Best Farter Ever" mug? Enough said.

Father's Day is just around the corner, and you still have to go out and grab a gift for him. Why go shopping in a store when you can use the trusty Google to lend you a hand? Whether you forgot a gift or you just need a last-minute one, all of these gifts are available with rush or two-day shipping (if you have Amazon Prime) to guarantee delivery before Father's Day!

From weird and entertaining to just plain useful, here are the best Father's Day gifts to grab before the day arrives! 

Beer savers

Beer whats? No, seriously, beer savers! These neat little rubber caps act as a beer top for your already-opened beer bottle. If your Dad wants to save some of his beer for later, or just wants to prevent spillage when he walks away from the bottle, this is the perfect handy gift! They are only $9 for a pack of six. Buy them here!

Beer Saver Cap

Toilet night light

Before you question this gift, think about it! This is for when he stumbles out of bed in the middle of the night because he has to pee and is trying to stay sleepy! Who wants a bright light in their face at 3 a.m.? No one! Buy it on Amazon for $15!

Toilet Lights

Omaha Steaks

If there's one thing that your dad is sure to love, it's meat! I mean, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, after all! Omaha Steaks has a current Father's Day Package for $69.99 that comes with two ribeyes and filet mignons, four Omaha Steak burgers and potatoes au gratin, one German chocolate cake, and a signature seasoning packet! Find it here!

Ribeye Steak

Mustache cuff links

Get this so your dad can strut around in style! He will be the most stylish guy at the meeting, dinner party, outing ... you name it! Find them at your local Target for $25!

Mustache Cuff Links

Courtesy of Target

Face buff

You know ... because men have to exfoliate, too! This will help keep him feeling fresh and clean – and his skin soft and supple! Find it on Amazon for $18!

Shaving Face Buff

Courtesy of Amazon

A Fitbit

This is for the active dad who's always on the go (or for the one who wants to become more active). Fitbits are great for motivation because they count your steps, track your heart rate (resting and active), and track the amount of calories burned for the day. Plus, they double as a watch! They come in all different price points and styles, running between $99.95-$249, and they are currently on sale for Father's Day! Get them here!


Courtesy of FitBit


Courtesy of Amazon


No, not the creature – the cooler! These are on the more expensive side, but they would be a good investment for the fisherman or outdoorsy dad! They range in price anywhere from $200 to $1,200 – a small price to pay for the luxury of keeping your drinks cold! Purchase one here.

Yeti Cooler

Courtesy of Yeti

Ancestry DNA Kit

This is a neat gift idea, especially if he's curious about his past! Get it on Amazon for $69!

Ancestry DNA Kit

Courtesy of Amazon

"Best Farter Ever" mug

Wake up to a cup of farts (*cough*) coffee. Make him laugh this Father's Day with this simple and reasonably priced gift! Find it on Amazon for $14.99!

Best Farter Ever Mug

Courtesy of Amazon

Bob Ross t-shirt

Who doesn't love Bob Ross? He's a national icon! Make your dad laugh with this artistic t-shirt from Target for $8!

Bob Ross T-Shirt

Courtesy of Target

"No" button

Eventually, your dad gets tired of having to say no, so make it easier for him and get this button from Target for $10!

No Button

Courtesy of Target

"Sup Dog?" apron

Sup Dog Apron

Courtesy of Target

Your dad will love any of these gifts that you purchase for him! 

Which one will you be giving to your dad on Father's Day? Which one is too weird? Tell us in the comments!