A group of 4th graders at Carson Elementary School in Denver have launched The BLEEP Campaign -- with the goal of creating a special "no cussing family zone" in sports stadiums and hopes of eventually eliminating the cursing in public places, worldwide.

It might seem like a lofty goal, but Mrs. Larson's 4th grade class knows that to make a better world, you have to start somewhere. And as news of their BLEEP Campaign spreads, it might just change enough minds to make the difference they long for.

BLEEP stands for "Bad Language Eliminates Essential Partnerships." The way these kids see it, sports stadiums should create a designated family-friendly, no-cussing zone, so that children and their parents can enjoy sporting events (Broncos and Rockies games, etc.) without having to hear the peripheral bad language they're being taught not to use at home. They also want adults to be more aware of the people around them and choose their language carefully.

Here's their mission, as stated on their campaign's website:

"We are a 4th grade class, fighting against cursing. We have decided to put a stop to cursing at sport events, and eventually worldwide. We have talked it over and decided that as kids, we do not enjoy hearing people curse. We would appreciate your help in making cursing stop."

These kiddos are highly organized, too. They have a website, a petition, and an online shop that sells BLEEP merchandise! The students say they are already in talks with sports teams throughout the United States.

To support The Bleep Campaign and add your name to their petition, click here!

If you want to reach out to the Carson Elementary School 4th grade class to offer ideas or support, you can contact them at ramanonino@gmail.com.

What do you think about The Bleep Campaign? Should there be a family-friendly, no-cussing zone in sports stadiums? Do you think adults should work on cleaning up their language around kids? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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