Have wedding bells turned you into a bridezilla? Are your families fighting over the bill? 

There are many differing views on who should pay for what at a wedding. Back in the old days, it was extremely cut and dry—the bride’s parents paid for the entire celebration of love. However, nowadays it’s a lot grayer. Both families are starting to divvy up the costs, and the bride and groom are even dishing out some of their own money for the wedding.

If you’re looking to make your wedding a little less stressful, try this ultimate guide to paying for a wedding. It’ll help to evenly divide the check and make sure everyone feels like they’re contributing to your celebration and future.

The Wedding Attire

wedding dresses

This one is pretty simple—everyone pays for what they will wear at the wedding. The bride can pay for her own dress, veil, and accessories to ensure she gets the perfect dress for her dream wedding. The groom’s family can pay for his outfit, and the rest of the wedding party will pay for their own clothes and shoes.

Flowers and Decorations

wedding bouquet

Flowers and decorations can run up your bill. Therefore, you should split the costs amongst the two families. The bride and her family can pay for floral arrangements for the ceremony, while the groom’s family can pay for the bride’s bouquet, groomsmen’s boutonnieres, and corsages for the mothers and grandmothers.  

Pre-wedding Parties

bridal shower

Now, the division of financial responsibility when it comes to pre-wedding parties depends on how many parties you actually host. Typically, the bride’s family pays for and hosts the engagement party, but the groom’s family can also host a second party if they’d like. Then, the groom’s family typically pays for the rehearsal dinner, and friends and family pay for any subsequent parties. The maid of honor and bridesmaids will host and cover the costs for the bridal shower and bachelorette party, while the best man and groomsmen host the bachelor party.

The Ceremony

villa parker outdoor wedding

Villa Parker wedding venue

Your ceremony should be about the celebration of your love and the connection between your two families. Therefore, it’s important that both parties feel like they’re equally contributing to the festivities. To do this, you could have the bride’s family pay for the venue and the groom’s family paying for the marriage license and honeymoon. That way, the bride can get the venue of her dreams, while the groom provides the funds for the start of their life together, the honeymoon.

The Reception

villa parker wedding reception

Villa Parker wedding reception venue

The reception should be a fun, stress-free time that showcases your family’s love. Therefore, paying for the event should feel the same. Try dividing the payments and suggesting the bride’s family pay for the food and decorations, while the groom’s family pay for the DJ or band and liquor/refreshments.

Planning any wedding is extremely stressful, so don’t make it any harder on yourself. Divide the financial responsibilities evenly and avoid any family fights. Let us know how your wedding goes and if you have any helpful tips on how to pay for the celebration!