Because June babies get the choice of three different birthstones, that's why!

While I love having an autumn birthday, the next best birthday season would definitely be in the summer. Pool parties, warm weather adventures, no school, baseball games, the list goes on! But the cherry on top to being born in the month of June is that it's a month made for jewelry lovers. June babies have the blessing of the choice of pearl, moonstone, or alexandrite to celebrate their existence. Previously we wrote about the history and lore behind turquoise jewelry, which children of December are lucky to have as their birthstone. But summer is her,e so let's warm things up with the different eye-catching stones June babies can proudly display.


pearl necklace

Pearls are versatile, classic, elegant, and make an excellent gift all year-round. Take it from a Southern woman, and repeat after me: you can never have enough pearls. As far back as ancient Greece, pearls have been used as a spellbinding decoration and an ever-present addition to royal jewelry collections. What's fit for a queen is fit for a June baby, right?


moonstone necklace charm

For an out-of-this-world addition to the jewelry box, the luminescent moonstone was once believed to have been made from solidified moonbeams. Moonstone comes in a range of colors (yellow, gray, green, blue, peach, and pin) and is the preferred choice of birthstones in countries like Germany and throughout Scandinavia. 


alexandrite stones

Named for Tsar Alexander II after it was first discovered in a Russian emerald mine, this stunning gemstone changes from shades of green to red depending on the lighting. Since the Russian mines have now been depleted and the remaining alexandrite mines throughout the world do not have stones that possess the rich, vibrant colors so loved by Imperial Russia, authentic alexandrite is in short supply and nearly unaffordable. Synthetic, lab-grown alexandrite is the best choice in order to purchase one of your own.