A Virginia woman took a magnificent photo of a cottonmouth snake at the Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge.

Virginia Beach resident June McDaniels was hiking in the Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge over the weekend when she and another group of hikers encountered a cottonmouth snake (or water moccasin). McDaniels took a photo and just happened to catch the snake with its mouth open, as it was defending itself against the other hikers who were attempting to scare him off the trail.

“The guy was afraid of him, so he was tossing pebbles at him to scare him off,” McDaniels explained in a Facebook comment.

Cottonmouths are the only venomous water snake in the United States.

Fortunately, for this group (and the poor snake!), the serpent “finally made it across the trail.” And everyone went their separate ways to safety.

What's the closest snake encounter you've ever had? Do you have any cool photos you've taken of Virginia wildlife? Share them with us in the comments! 

Featured image courtesy of June McDaniels' Facebook page.

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