Disney World just announced that you can in fact have a private park wedding!

Now's your chance to feel like the ultimate princess. You have the princess ball gown and you have the perfect groom, now all you need is the ideal venue. Luckily for you, Disney World is offering a wedding package that you can't refuse. You can have a private park wedding, which essentially means you can rent out one entire park. [gallery ids="10480,10479,10478,10475"] Magic Kingdom has after hours that are reserved for couples to get married and have their wedding reception. Once everyone leaves is when all of the real magic happens. You can make your dreams a reality by saying "I do" in true princess fashion right in front of the iconic Cinderella Castle.

Imagine yourself riding in Cinderella's coach down main street as happy newlyweds. If you get married at Magic Kingdom, you will be sure to have an original wedding. The cost, you wonder? Well, let's just say you can't put a price on a fairytale... BUT if you had to it would begin at approximately $180,000. I suggest you start saving for the daughter you don't even have yet!

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