There is an abundance of young pets up for adoption this week!

Every animal just wants a family of their own to love and care for them – that's all they ask for! Check out this week's adorable options, and please consider taking one of these sweet babies home with you!

Hope for Life Rescue, Inc. | Virginia Beach

Hope for Life Rescue, Inc., is an amazing nonprofit shelter located at 610 Jack Rabbit Rd, Ste 3., in Virginia Beach. When you get there, you'll find them in the third building to the left – by the big yellow truck! See their available animals on their Facebook page

Delilah, 12

Courtesy of Hope For Life Rescue 

I have only had a couple of encounters with Miss Delilah, but they were both very positive. She is a delightful and cheerful little dog who will come right up to you for pets with a big ol' smile on her face. She loves to be picked up and carried and was very quiet while she was in her room observing (meaning no excessive amounts of barking). Delilah did take a nap while I was there and waited for someone to come and say hello to her. Make sure to purchase a bunch of little dresses because she prances around when she has one on and loves to wear them. If she sounds like a fit for you, check her out here!

Candy Land, 1

Candy Land, Cat

Courtesy of Hope For Life Rescue

Candy Land is like a Sour Patch Kid – she's sweet and sour! She recently had a litter of kittens and doesn't plan to do it again. She certainly isn't afraid to tell you when she's done with pets. Besides her missing eyeball, she actually does have a gorgeous coat and is as sweet as can be (though she has her moments)! Consider her here!

Virginia Beach SPCA (VBSPCA)

The Virginia Beach SPCA is a private-run shelter, meaning they do not get any government funding and are in the Hampton Roads area at 3040 Holland Rd., in Virginia Beach. Check them out on their websiteFacebook, and Instagram!

Tank, 2

Tank, Dog

Courtesy of the VBSPCA

Shelter life was too rough on Tank (made him nervous and stressed out), so he was given to a foster home until he finds his forever family. He would benefit most from having another active pupper who can keep him occupied and help reduce his pent-up energy during the day. He's a bit shy when he first meets you but is a fun-loving, energetic, and cuddly pup once he's comfortable! If you are interested in Tank, email [email protected] and [email protected] to arrange for a meet-and-greet! 

Chesapeake, 1

Cheapeake, Cat

Courtesy of the VBSPCA

Chesapeake, or Chesi for short, needs to be the only cat in your life so that you can shower her with plenty of attention. She is currently the longest-running resident so she really needs a family to call her own. Meet here, here!

Virginia Beach Animal Care and Adoption Center

The Virginia Beach Animal Care and Adoption Center is another local VB shelter located at 341 S. Birdneck Rd. in Virginia Beach. Check them out on their websiteInstagram, and Facebook. Check out their adoption process and fees here!

Roxy AKA Little Foot, 1-5


Courtesy of Virginia Beach Animal Care and Adoption Center

Roxy has been through quite a lot! She has been returned to the shelter multiple times since 2016 because of behavioral issues and not being good with other animals. She will need an experienced owner who knows the Pit Bull breed and who is okay having one pet in the home! Roxy is a seriously sweet and happy girl who may have a little anxiety so it would be great if you worked from home. If you think she sounds like the pup for you, learn more here!

Sorry, 1-3

Sorry, Cat

Courtesy of Virginia Beach Animal Care and Adoption Center

This girl has some gorgeous markings, and she's quite small in size! Miss Sorry (named after the board game) is a mix of a scared and social kitty who would do best with another furry friend in the home to play with. Sorry has been described as affectionate, too! If you think she's a match, see her here!

Chesapeake Animal Services

Chesapeake Animal Services is a local shelter located at 2100 S. Military Hwy, in Chesapeake. You can check them out on their websiteFacebook, and Instagram.

Holly, 2

Holly, Dog

Courtesy of the Chesapeake Animal Services

Holly is an incredible girl who is very patient and sweet. Though not a fan of cats, she is great with other dogs so if you have a little friend, make sure to bring them in for a meet-and-greet. She is an active girl so she would need someone who could take her on daily walks in the park. Please consider bringing Holly into your life, here!

Troy, 6

Troy, Cat

Courtesy of the Chesapeake Animal Services

Not much is said about this precious boy but he appears to be a pretty relaxed guy – just looking for a home to be lazy in! Check him out here!

Norfolk SPCA

The Norfolk SPCA is the local shelter to the Norfolk area and can be found at 916 Ballentine Boulevard, in Norfolk – check them out on their website and Facebook!

Nina, 1

Nina, Dog

Courtesy of Norfolk SPCA

Nina is absolutely precious! Not much is said about her, but she appears to be a sweetheart! Meet her here!

Fancy, 3

Fancy, Cat

Courtesy of Norfolk SPCA

I wonder if he's as fancy as his name! Fancy is a small Maine Coon kitty who has some beautiful markings and a long fluffy coat! If you think you have room in your heart, check him out here!

Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter | Newport News

The Peninsula SPCA is more than just an adoption shelter; they're a petting zoo, too. Popular to the locals, you can find them at 5843 Jefferson Ave., in Newport News – check them out on FacebookInstagram, and their website! The shelter performs a behavioral test on each animal while they are at the shelter so they can provide a thorough description. 

Becky G, 5

 Becky G, Dog

Courtesy of the Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter

This lucky girl recently went out on a weekend warrior trip and was phenomenal in the car! She was a good listener the whole time she was out and expected to make an excellent companion! She did well on a leash and enjoyed taking a walk down to the local pier to bird-watch. If you think Becky sounds like the girl for you, then check her out here!

Trixie, 10

Trixie, Cat

Courtesy of the Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter

Trixie is just precious – she has some gorgeous makings that match her pink nose perfectly! She is as calm as she looks as she loves to lounge around for most of the day and needs a quiet home to call her own. She came to the shelter as a stray and is currently going through the early stages of kidney disease so this will be her retirement home. If you think you can give her refuge, check her out here!

Did we pick your future best friend? Do you plan to head on over to the shelters to adopt? Tell us in the comments.