All of their faces say, "Please come save me."

We've compiled a list of the cutest pets available for adoption in Hampton Roads. Check out this week's adorable options!

Hope for Life Rescue, Inc. | Virginia Beach

Hope for Life Rescue, Inc., is an amazing nonprofit shelter located at 610 Jack Rabbit Rd, Ste 3., in Virginia Beach. When you get there, you'll find them in the third building to the left – by the big yellow truck! See their available animals on their Facebook page!

Stacie, 8 months

Stacie, Dog

Courtesy of Caitlin Helveston

Miss Stacie is a special case because she is scared of people and will run away from you! She is comfortable with the staff at the shelter because she is around them constantly, but is generally very stand-off-ish. She is just afraid because she was abandoned and has to learn to trust her humans. If you give her her space, she will just lie down on the bed and observe the room. Stacie is a puppy so she will require training for manners and potty-training,but otherwise was a quiet and sweet girl while I was there. Find her here!

Willow, 3 and Dodger, 5 (bonded pair)

Willow and Dodger Cats 

Courtesy of Caitlin Helveston

The photos do not do them justice, but these two cats have the most beautiful yellow eyes I have seen – their markings are pretty great, too! I have had different experiences with both of these cuties every time I have visited the Cat Sanctuary, but if there is one thing that's true, it's that both cats are lazy bums! Willow will walk around the Cat Haven observing what's going on around her, but Dodger is usually stuffed into the square in the cat tower (I would have included that photo, but I wanted you to see his whole body)! These two are boyfriend and girlfriend so they must go home together (you can't get in the way of their love!). Dodger is very sweet and willing to give you attention, but Willow, on the other hand, does not necessarily like to be touched and might run away from you. But please, choose this adorable couple – see Dodger here and Willow here

Virginia Beach SPCA (VBSPCA)

The Virginia Beach SPCA is a private-run shelter, meaning they do not get any government funding and are in the Hampton Roads area at 3040 Holland Rd., in Virginia Beach. Check them out on their websiteFacebook, and Instagram!

Sif, 4

Sif Dog

Courtesy of the VBSPCA

Are you looking for a calm and lazy dog? Check out Miss Sif! She's astonishingly sweet and enjoys butt rubs, squeaky toys, and car rides! Be sure to spoil her because she really deserves some love! Nothing is said about how she is with other animals, so if you do have them, arrange to bring them in to meet her! Find her here!

Yum Yum, 10

Yum Yum cat

Courtesy of the VBSPCA

Before I get into her personality, I need to tell you that her adoption fee has been paid in full by a generous donor so you simply just need to go in and fill out the application, wait a couple of days for a phone call back, and take her home! Be aware that Yum Yum likes to party with adults only (so she can be the queen bee of the home) – this means no other animals and a quiet environment. She is a very easy-going cat who loves to be brushed and will show you plenty of attention! Meet her here!

Virginia Beach Animal Care and Adoption Center

The Virginia Beach Animal Care and Adoption Center is another local VB shelter located at 341 S. Birdneck Rd. in Virginia Beach. Check them out on their websiteInstagram, and Facebook. Check out their adoption process and fees here!

Daisy, 9

Daisy Dog

Courtesy of Virginia Beach Animal Care and Adoption Center

Daisy is a wonderful girl who is great with kids and other dogs (in fact, she loves them) but has some special requirements. She is possessive over toys, food, and items, and is showing early signs of arthritis. Plus she is not quite house-trained. With that being said, she is otherwise a great dog who is very sweet-natured. Find her here!

Wal-Martie, 1-2

Wal-Martie Cat

Courtesy of Virginia Beach Animal Care and Adoption Center

Did you notice her two-toned nose? How purrfect is it? That's not the only thing that is great about her – she's sweet and loves plenty of attention (this includes butt scratches)! Wal-Martie doesn't get along with other cats, so she would need to be the only animal in the home! Meet her here!

Chesapeake Animal Services

Chesapeake Animal Services is a local shelter located at 2100 S. Military Hwy, in Chesapeake. You can check them out on their websiteFacebook, and Instagram.

Petey, 3

Petey, Dog

Courtesy of Tiana Beaver

This lucky guy recently went out on his first "snout and about" and had a great time with the volunteer, who described him as a great family dog! Petey loved meeting new people and loved seeing other dogs! Bonus, he's great on a leash and is generally a great boy! Consider taking him home here!

Boots, 5

Boots Cat

Courtesy of the Chesapeake Animal Services

Today is your lucky day: there is a Maine Coon up for adoption. These cats are incredibly affectionate and are generally the size of 25-pound dogs – maybe bigger! Not much is said about him, but I wonder if he can defend himself like Puss in Boots! Check him out here!

Norfolk SPCA

The Norfolk SPCA is the local shelter to the Norfolk area and can be found at 916 Ballentine Boulevard, in Norfolk – check them out on their website and Facebook!

Trapper, 6

Trapper Dog

Courtesy of Norfolk SPCA

Are you willing to give this boy as many belly rubs as he wants? This little guy has a lot of spunk for his size, meaning he is somewhat hyperactive and super talkative but will lie down and take a good nap! Meet him here!

String Bean, 7

String Bean Cat

Courtesy of Norfolk SPCA

Do you see how curious and beautiful her eyes are? This girl is incredibly affectionate and chatty, so she will keep you occupied all day long. She has gorgeous yellow/green eyes that suck you right in! Because she is so curious, she really loves her fair share of food! Adopt her here!

Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter | Newport News

The Peninsula SPCA is more than just an adoption shelter; they're a petting zoo, too. Popular to the locals, you can find them at 5843 Jefferson Ave., in Newport News – check them out on FacebookInstagram, and their website! The shelter performs a behavioral test on each animal while they are at the shelter so they can provide a thorough description. 

Camill, 9

Camill Dog

Courtesy of the Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter

Her smile is just bringing me so much joy! Camill loves her fair share of toys so be sure to shower her with her favorites! She appears to be a very happy dog who loves to play so she would require an active home! Consider taking her home here!

Frank, 5

Frank Cat

Courtesy of the Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter

Not much is known about Frank other than the fact that he loves to rest! Consider adopting him here!

Did we pick your future best friend? Do you plan to head on over to the shelters to adopt? Tell us in the comments.