Find your next best friend here!

We've compiled a list of the cutest pets available for adoption in Hampton Roads. Check out this week's adorable options!

Hope for Life Rescue, Inc. | Virginia Beach

Hope for Life Rescue, Inc., is an amazing nonprofit shelter located at 610 Jack Rabbit Rd, Ste 3., in Virginia Beach. When you get there, you'll find them in the third building to the left – by the big yellow truck! See their available animals on their Facebook page!

Mama Mia, 13   

Mama Mia Dog

Courtesy of Caitlin Helveston 

Mama Mia ... take me home again ... my, my, take me home with you, please! This girl has a lot to say! When I first got to the shelter, she came right up to me and asked for pets – she even gave me plenty of kisses (she has a very wet tongue)! I cannot tell you enough how goofy this girl is! Do you see that smile? It will tell you everything you need to know! This incredibly sweet girl loves playing with her toys, running around the shelter, going for runs outside, and will bark or howl when she feels like it's necessary. When a cat escaped from one of the rooms, she was not having it and dove straight for her (hence, she would obviously not be suited for a home with cats!). Don't be fooled by her age; she has the energy of a young pup! Please consider taking her in here!

Flashy Ashley, 5

Flashy Ashley Cat

Courtesy of Caitlin Helveston

Ms. Flashy Ashley has a lot to say about herself (as if her name doesn't tell you enough) because she has a bit of a "cattitude." She loves to play with wand toys but tends to hold onto them and not give them back! I have had several encounters with her before, and all of them were positive. Flashy is always very observant while I'm in the cat haven with her and has come up to me several times asking for pets. Be aware, though, that she will take the attention but only as long as she sees fit and is not afraid to tell you when she's done! Be sure to look for her in the cat tower if you can't find her in the room; she's there. Ashley even let me reach into the cat tower cave and pet her. She has a sad background story, which you can read about here!

Virginia Beach SPCA (VBSPCA)

The Virginia Beach SPCA is a private-run shelter, meaning they do not get any government funding and are in the Hampton Roads area at 3040 Holland Rd., in Virginia Beach. Check them out on their websiteFacebook, and Instagram!

Nala, 8

Nala, pit bull

Courtesy of the VBSPCA

Nala is a goofy girl who loves to roam around the house imitating a pig so you will never have a boring day with this one! Her favorite thing in the world is to carry her toys around and chew them – you can look but don't touch! It is recommended that she go to a home with older children and be the only dog in your life. Find her here!

Hazel, 4

Hazel Cat

Courtesy of the VBSPCA

Sadly, this girl has been with the Virginia Beach SPCA since December, so she is desperately in need of a home! She is a little shy when she is first getting to know you, but once she warms up, she will shower you with love. Hazel loves to hide in small and tight spaces so be sure to get a cat tower or closed cat bed for her to lie in ... Better yet, leave out a box for her! She is great with other cats. Adopt her here!

Virginia Beach Animal Care and Adoption Center

The Virginia Beach Animal Care and Adoption Center is another local VB shelter located at 341 S. Birdneck Rd. in Virginia Beach. Check them out on their websiteInstagram, and Facebook. Check out their adoption process and fees here!

Limbo, 5

Limbo, Dog

Courtesy of Virginia Beach Animal Care and Adoption Center

If those ears aren't enough for you to want to take this boy home today, then I don't know what will! We cannot tell you enough about how sweet Limbo is – Seriously, the staff loves him. He does have a lot of pent-up energy that he will need to burn, so a daily walk and freedom to run in the backyard and play is required. Limbo will take breaks from running around and playing to check up on you, and he will sit on command. He will need to be leash-trained, and he is apprehensive about other dogs. Consider opening your heart to him here!

Khan, 10-11

Khan, Cat

Courtesy of Virginia Beach Animal Care and Adoption Center

There is no way that you would suspect that Khan is a senior cat because of how much energy he has! He loves to play with toys but does get grumpy when picked up. Khan is not good around other animals in the house so he would need to be your only pet. He has a very sweet-natured and laid-back personality, so he will be the purrfect lounge cat. Please consider him here!

Chesapeake Animal Services

Chesapeake Animal Services is a local shelter located at 2100 S. Military Hwy, in Chesapeake. You can check them out on their websiteFacebook, and Instagram.

Finley, 5

Finley, Dog

Courtesy of the Chesapeake Animal Services

This handsome boy appears to be housebroken so you will just have to establish a schedule with him when taking him out to go "potty." He is very playful, fantastic on a leash, and extremely friendly! He will do anything to find his new home. Make him a member of your family, here!

Storm, 6

Storm Cat

Courtesy of the Chesapeake Animal Services

She looks both frightened and happy – her coat pattern is absolutely beautiful! Based on her ears, she seems to be a happy girl who has a secretly curious side! Take her home here!

Norfolk SPCA

The Norfolk SPCA is the local shelter to the Norfolk area and can be found at 916 Ballentine Boulevard, in Norfolk – check them out on their website and Facebook!

Skylar, 1

Skylar, Rottweiler

Courtesy of Norfolk SPCA

Skylar's smile is hard to miss! This girl would require an active home that will be able to take her out for daily walks and have plenty of playtimes! It is recommended that she heads to a home with older children as she may be jumpy. Skylar is still very young so she will need some obedience training to help with manners and possibly with potty-training. Meet her here!

Emilio, 15

Emilio Cat

Courtesy of Norfolk SPCA

Can you see how handsome he is? His silver markings and yellow eyes are stunning. This handsome boy is on the older side, but you won't be able to tell with his energy levels! Emilio is incredibly affectionate and sure loves his humans, kids, and other cats. Adopt him here!

Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter | Newport News

The Peninsula SPCA is more than just an adoption shelter; they're a petting zoo, too. Popular to the locals, you can find them at 5843 Jefferson Ave., in Newport News – check them out on FacebookInstagram, and their website! The shelter performs a behavioral test on each animal while they are at the shelter so they can provide a thorough description. 

Ingio, 11

Ingio Dog

Courtesy of the Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter

This lovely boy came to the shelter as a stray Cocker Spaniel and sadly had to have both of his eyes removed. He is slowly adjusting to life without his vision so he will need a patient owner who can help him adjust to his new space, help with potty-training, and basic manners. According to staff, he is a polite older gentleman. He would do fine in a home with other calmer dogs – meet him here!

Jenkins, 6

Jenkins Cat

Courtesy of the Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter

Boy, is this man handsome! Mr. Jenkins is a chill guy who wants a quiet home to lounge around in. He is a very longhaired and fluffy kitty so he may be part Maine coon and part orange tabby (as if that isn't already obvious) so he is sure to be full of cuddles. Consider taking him home, here!

Did we pick your future best friend? Do you plan to head on over to the shelters to adopt? Tell us in the comments.