There is a puppy up for adoption this week!

We've compiled a list of the cutest pets available in Hampton Roads. Check out this week's adorable options!

**All animals featured have been spayed and neutered**

Hope for Life Rescue, Inc. | Virginia Beach

Hope for Life Rescue, Inc., is an amazing nonprofit shelter located at 610 Jack Rabbit Rd, Ste 3., in Virginia Beach. When you get there, you'll find them in the third building to the left – by the big yellow truck! See their available animals on their Facebook page!

Faith, 7 months

Faith dog

Courtesy of Caitlin Helveston

Faith is a fitting name for her because the shelter staff (and I!) have so much faith in her! This little girl (about 35 pounds) is super-sweet but shy when meeting someone new. When I met her, she did not approach me at first but instead sat by the door nervously until she felt comfortable. As she is still a puppy, Faith will require potty-training and obedience courses. Find her here!

Baby Fuzzy, 3

Baby Fuzzy Orange Tabby

Courtesy of Caitlin Helveston

Where to begin? Big Fuzzy was declawed by his previous owners and had peed outside of the litter box because of the pain so he was returned to the shelter. When I sat down in the cat sanctuary to say hello to the other animals, he walked right up to me and asked for scratches! He has a lot of love to share and would be fine with other animals in the home. See him here!

Virginia Beach SPCA (VBSPCA)

The Virginia Beach SPCA is one of the local government-run shelters in the Hampton Roads area and can be found at 3040 Holland Rd., in Virginia Beach. Check them out on their website, Facebook, and Instagram!

Chibby, 8

Chibby Hound Mix

Courtesy of the VBSPCA

Chibby is an older hound mix who simply wants a patient owner who will give him time to open up! He is a bit shy at first, but he will show you his happy-go-lucky side once he gets to know you better! Chibster (aka Chibby) is very easy-going, potty-trained, and well-mannered – He is fine with other dogs, but would do best in a home with older children! Find more here!

Georgia Peach, 5

Georgia Peach Cat

Courtesy of the VBSPCA

Just look at her markings – she's gorgeous! Georgia Peach loves to be the center of attention. She had to leave her last home because she became jealous of the baby. You had better set aside some time to groom her, as she loves to be brushed! Find her here!

Virginia Beach Animal Care and Adoption Center

The Virginia Beach Animal Care and Adoption Center is another local VB shelter located at 341 S. Birdneck Rd. in Virginia Beach. Check them out on their website, Instagram, and Facebook. Check out their adoption process and fees here!

Dusty, senior

Dusty Rottweiler Mix

Courtesy of Virginia Beach Animal Care and Adoption Center

Dusty is in a foster home currently. He is a chonky, Rottie mix who opens up once he is out in the backyard (his comfort zone). According to his foster parents, he always has a smile on his face and loves other dogs and cats, as well as chasing toys in the backyard. Dusty would benefit being in a home with someone who is retired and could be there with him all day. Learn more here!

Precious, 5

Precious Tabby

Courtesy of Virginia Beach Animal Care and Adoption Center

Precious, fitting to her name, is a kind cat who does not like other animals or small children. She is scared of loud noises and would benefit from a quiet home. A bit picky when it comes to meals, Precious will only eat canned food twice a day. If you are experienced with cats or plan on having just one, check her out!

Chesapeake Animal Services

Chesapeake Animal Services is a local shelter located at 2100 S. Military Hwy, in Chesapeake. You can check them out on their website, Facebook, and Instagram.

Zeus, 8

Courtesy of the Gracie Lou

Zeus is always smiling for the camera and his humans (just look at that pic)! He recently went out on a Snout and About visit around town and was a perfect angel with the volunteers – be sure to check it out here (he loves going out on outings)! They said that he got along with other people and dogs brilliantly, was a very sweet and low-key guy, and would make the perfect addition to your family! Adopt him here

BamBam, 4

BamBam Tabby

Courtesy of the Chesapeake Animal Services

BamBam was surrendered after the family ended up homeless and could not care for the cats anymore. According to shelter staff, he can be a bit shy when meeting new people but is the sweetest cat around once he warms up to you! Find him here!

Norfolk SPCA

The Norfolk SPCA is the local shelter to the Norfolk area and can be found at 916 Ballentine Boulevard, in Norfolk – check them out on their website and Facebook!

Hazel, 2

Hazel Jack Russell Mix

Courtesy of Norfolk SPCA

Would you believe that Hazel has a bigger personality than her ears? She is always smiling, friendly with her humans, and simply wants a home! Hazel is a Jack Russell Terrier mix, so she is on the smaller side and would do great in a home without kids or dogs! Adopt her here!

Glad, 3

Glad, Tabby Cat

Courtesy of Norfolk SPCA

You can just get lost in his gorgeous eyes ... they are an incredible shade of orange-brown! His ears are bigger than his head, making him just that little bit more adorable!! Find him here!

Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter | Newport News

The Peninsula SPCA is more than just an adoption shelter; they're a petting zoo, too. Popular to the locals, you can find them at 5843 Jefferson Ave., in Newport News -- check them out on Facebook, Instagram, and their website! The shelter performs a behavioral test on each animal while they are at the shelter so they can provide a thorough description. 

Rosie, 3

Rosie Dog

Courtesy of the Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter

This is a special girl right here! She is a lab mix who has the biggest heart of any dog! Rosie loves going for walks, playing fetch in the backyard, and receiving snuggles and belly rubs. She did amazing in the car with her weekend warrior and was the perfect girl the whole time she was with them. Rosie would not do well with cats in the home but would do fantastic with another dog! Meet her here!

Polly, 4

Courtesy of the Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter

Polly has extra toes, making her a unique little girl! She is a little shy at first but will open up for the right person! Find her here!

Did we pick your future best friend? Do you plan to head on over to the shelters to adopt? Tell us in the comments.