Check out this week's pets up for adoption! 

The weather is finally getting warmer, meaning we want to spend more time outdoors -- and what better way to do that than by adopting an animal in need? We have compiled a list of the cutest pets available. 

Check out these adorable options this week!

**All animals featured have been spayed and neutered*

Hope for Life Rescue, Inc. | Virginia Beach

Hope for Life Rescue, Inc., is an amazing nonprofit shelter located at 610 Jack Rabbit Rd, Ste 3., in Virginia Beach. When you get there, you'll find them in the third building to the left -- by the big yellow truck! See their available animals on their Facebook page!

Fido, 1

woman holding a dog

Courtesy of Caitlin Helveston

Fido is a talkative little guy who wants nothing but to be the center of attention -- all of the time! He might get a little jealous sometimes but would do fine with another calm dog in the home. Fido is nine years old, but he has a long life ahead of him. He does bark a lot so be wary of his cries. Check him out here!

Christmas, 1

gray cat

Courtesy of Caitlin Helveston

Christmas is a very quiet girl who is looking for a family who will be patient and provide her with all the love she deserves. Her gorgeous coat pattern makes her stand out from the rest -- she is a tabby/calico mix. She'd make a great snuggle buddy! Check her out here!

Virginia Beach SPCA (VBSPCA)

The Virginia Beach SPCA is one of the local government-run shelters in the Hampton Roads area and can be found at 3040 Holland Rd., in Virginia Beach. Check them out on their website, Facebook, and Instagram!

Sicilia Vivana, 6


Courtesy of the VBSPCA

Sicilia Vivana is a young and thriving labrador retriever mix who needs a family to help break her out of her shell! She is very shy at first and would do best as an only child since she is nervous around other people and new pets. But she is as sweet as can be! Check her out here!

Mai Tai, 5


Courtesy of the VBSPCA

Mai Tai is a domestic shorthair mix, a true tabby, with eyes that will just melt your heart. One look at her and you will fall in love. She does want to be the only cat in your life, so she would do best in a home without any other pets. She also prefers a quiet and relaxing home environment (i.e., no kiddos!). She is very easy-going, though, and does not require very much maintenance. Check her out here!

Virginia Beach Animal Care and Adoption Center

The Virginia Beach Animal Care and Adoption Center is another local VB shelter located at 341 S. Birdneck Rd. in Virginia Beach. Check them out on their website, Instagram, and Facebook.

Jen, 12

dog with bandana

Courtesy of Virginia Beach Animal Care and Adoption Center

Jen is an older gal who is just as sweet as can be! House-trained, friendly, and respectful of her home, this 50-lb. German Shepherd mix is very social and loves to go on walks and meet other dogs! Jen is very healthy for her age and would be very low maintenance! She is great with kids and cats but hates loud noises and car rides, so a family that does not travel much would be perfect. For more information on Jen, check her out here!

Honeysuckle Rose, 2-5

Courtesy of Virginia Beach Animal Care and Adoption Center

Honeysuckle is a beautiful and loving female. She was found on Honeysuckle Ct. (hence the name) and is a little shy at first. She does not like other animals as she started licking the fur off the tip of her tail. An indoor cat, she would do best as an only pet.  For more information on Honeysuckle, check her out here!

Chesapeake Animal Services

Chesapeake Animal Services is a new local shelter located at 2100 S. Military Hwy, in Chesapeake. You can check them out on their website, Facebook, and Instagram

King, 13

Courtesy of the Chesapeake Animal Services

Patient and sweet, King loves to get belly rubs and plenty of attention. He enjoys playing with toys but often gets clothes confused with playthings, so he may tug on your shirt or pants.  Check him out here!

Olga, 9

Courtesy of the Chesapeake Animal Services

Olga recently came to the Chesapeake Animal Services from the Virginia Beach Animal Care and Adoption Center. She loves being petted so much that she drools while you are giving her attention! Calm and chill, all Olga really wants is to lie around and relax in your home. She would be best without other animals as she likes to be an only girl, but she could be put in a home with senior animals who are past their rambunctious phase. For more information, check her out here!

Norfolk SPCA

The Norfolk SPCA is the local shelter to the Norfolk area and can be found at 916 Ballentine Boulevard, in Norfolk -- check them out on their website and Facebook!

Sadie, 2


Courtesy of Norfolk SPCA

A border collie mix, Sadie appears to have the personality of a saint. Border collies are known for being workaholics who keep going and going, with tons of energy! If you work from home or have lots of spare time to give, go check her out. She would make a great companion for someone who likes to spend a lot of time outdoors. See her here

Beverly, 3


Courtesy of Norfolk SPCA

Her coat pattern is to die for! Beverly looks like a curious little one who just wants love and attention from others.  Not much is known about her ability to socialize with other animals, but you can contact the shelter at (757)-622-3319 for further questions. Check her out here!

Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter | Newport News

The Peninsula SPCA is more than just an adoption shelter; they're a petting zoo. Popular to the locals, you can find them at 5843 Jefferson Ave., in Newport News -- check them out on Facebook, Instagram, and their website! The shelter performs a behavioral test on each animal while they are at the shelter so they can provide a thorough description. 

Tank, 2


Courtesy of the Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter

A big and goofy guy, Tank is described as energetic and a big joy to have around. He knows how much he weighs and uses it to his advantage, so he may not be suited for small children or other pets. Tank is great in the car, is potty-trained, and loves to bark at squirrels. Be sure to adopt this big dude and give him his Squirrel Patrol badge! He would do best with an active family who can handle a strong dog. Check him out here!

Sushi, 3


Courtesy of the Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter

Sushi is a big ball of love who would do best in a home without other cats. She is picky about who she chooses to get along with! This girl loves to cuddle, so make sure to spend lots of time with her on the couch! Check her out here!

**Featured photo courtesy of Caitlin Helveston

Did we pick your future best friend? Do you plan to head on over to the shelters to adopt? Tell us in the comments.