If you were planning on chilling at Chatfield State Park's swim beach this summer, think again. The area will be closed due to construction.

Summer is within our grasps and as we prepare for the scorching sun to beat down on us, it's time to start thinking of ways to stay cool. Unfortunately, if you're hoping to take a dip at Chatfield State Park's swim beach, well, we've got some bad news for you ... Due to an exhaustive construction project, the popular summer beach will be closed for the summer. I know, I know. I'm bummed, too. But it's closing for a good reason -- I promise. [gallery type="rectangular" size="large" ids="36365,36366"] There's a growing demand for water along the Front Range and beyond, so the main goal of the Chatfield Reservoir Reallocation Project is to "accommodate an additional 20,600 acre feet of water storage for water supply without compromising its flood control function." To do this, all infrastructure surrounding the reservoir (includes the swim beach) must be relocated. Watch an in-depth overview of the project below: https://vimeo.com/217380125
[caption id="attachment_36367" align="aligncenter" width="849"] Courtesy of Chatfield Reallocation Project[/caption] "It's unfortunate that the Swim Beach is going to be closed this summer," Kris Wahlers, Chatfield State Park operations manager, said in a statement. "The beach is very popular and not having it available could have an impact on our visitors. However, it's important to take the extra time to ensure that the project gets done correctly to avoid any issues in the future." Not all hope is lost, though! There are still areas within Chatfield State Park that will be open to the public, including:
  • North Boat Ramps (now open)
  • Massey Draw (scheduled to re-open by May 1)
  • Balloon Launch/Deer Creek Day Use Area (scheduled to re-open by May 1)
  • Eagle Cove (scheduled to re-open by May 25)
  • Plum Creek Picnic Area (scheduled to re-open by May 25)
  • Perimeter Road (scheduled to re-open by May 25)
  • Jamison Day Use Area (scheduled to re-open on July 2)
  • Catfish Flats Day Use Area (scheduled to re-open on July 27)
  • Fox Run Day Use Area (scheduled to re-open on July 27)
  • Plum Creek Nature Area & Trail (scheduled to re-open during the fall of 2018)
Of course, there are always other ways to get outside and enjoy our beautiful state this summer like attending one of many beer festivals or gettin' your harvest on at some farmers' markets. What do you think? How does this affect your summer plans? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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