Why am I just learning "dunny," "budgie smuggler," and "shark biscuit" now?!

In working with a handful of Australians, I have grown to love their unique Aussie-isms and wish that American slang was just as inventive. I don't know who I need to lobby this to, but these 10 Australian phrases deserve to be embedded in the American lexicon.

1. Booze Bus – No, it's not a drunk bus! It's a cop car used for catching drunk drivers.

2. Dunny – Toilet.

3. Cactus – Something that's broken or no longer working.

4. Goon – Cheap box wine.

5. Budgie Smuggler – A Speedo. "Budgie" is short for "budgerigar," which is what we in America call a parakeet. I'll leave the rest to your imagination.

6. Dag – Nerd.

7. Shark Biscuit – What you call children playing at the beach. Basically cookies for sharks.

8. Laughing Gear – Your mouth.

9. Berko – Someone who gets angry for no reason. 

10. Sparrow's Fart – Dawn. You have to admit it, that's just plain funny.

Know of any other good Australian words and phrases? Let us know in the comments!