Why am I just learning "dunny," "budgie smuggler," and "shark biscuit" now?!

In working with a handful of Australians, I have grown to love their unique Aussie-isms and wish that American slang was just as inventive. I don't know who I need to lobby this to, but these 10 Australian phrases deserve to be embedded in the American lexicon.

Booze Bus

No, it's not a drunk bus! It's a cop car used for catching drunk drivers.




Something that's broken or no longer working.


Cheap box wine.

Budgie Smuggler

A Speedo. "Budgie" is short for "budgerigar," which is what we in America call a parakeet. I'll leave the rest to your imagination.



Shark Biscuit

What you call children playing at the beach. Basically cookies for sharks.

Laughing Gear

Your mouth.


Someone who gets angry for no reason. 

Sparrow's Fart

Dawn. You have to admit it, that's just plain funny.

Know of any other good Australian words and phrases? Let us know in the comments!