Come visit, but please don't stay!

Of course, if you stop any Washingtonian on the street, they’ll say they love their city, but it’s definitely a love-hate relationship! Here are 10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Move to Washington, D.C. 


1. Too many tourists 

Obviously, COVID-19 has changed this but now that the vaccines are rolling out, we can expect more people visiting the nation's capital. Also, given its propensity for protests, road closures and delayed commutes around the city are common headaches for locals.

2. A (major) rat problem

If you've visited Washington, D.C. for any length of time and haven't seen a rat, double-check you're in the right city. For years, these pests have run rampant throughout the district. In fact, it's ranked in the top 5 for being one of the worst cities with rodent problems. 

3. The Metro is always broken

The WMATA Metro system is definitely not as reliable as New York’s subway system. The metro is often delayed, stations closed, or cars are constantly under repair. We’ve been told we’re getting new cars, but the new train cars are a rare sighting. 

4. The worst NFL football (team) stadium ever

The Washington fans are holding out faith for the home team (even though they've only been to the playoffs three times in the past decade, and haven't won a Super Bowl since 1991). Anyway, the Washington football stadium, FedEx Field, isn't even in “D.C. Proper" and for many, carries similar traits of their previous girlfriends: too old, hard to get to, and in need of a serious makeover.

5. One of the wealthiest cities with one of the highest poverty rates 

According to several surveys, Washington, D.C. is ranked one of the top 5 most expensive places to live. Don't think you'll avoid high real estate prices by moving to the surrounding suburbs in Virginia and Maryland because both states have several cities and counties making the top 10 richest in the nation. Unfortunately, the district also has one of the highest child poverty rates in the United States.

6. Red light cameras and speed traps in excess

We bet there isn't a single D.C. resident who hasn't received at least one red light camera ticket or speed trap ticket. They're everywhere throughout the city. In fact, the city is even facing a lawsuit over the many speed trap cameras. But, that doesn't stop cars from driving aggressively and speeding. 

7. First sight of snow, Snowflakes 

Is there a little ice on the road? Then, there’s probably a five-car accident about to happen. Okay, so maybe we overreact just a tad whenever it snows in the city. You can guarantee OPM and the D.C. Public School system will either grant a 2-hour delay or close altogether. (We can hear our New Yorker frenemies laughing at us right now.) 

8. Traffic sucks (refer to No. 1 and 6)

Washington, D.C. continuously ranks in the top 3 for the worst traffic in the nation. With the increased number of people teleworking due to the pandemic, there have been fewer cars on the road. But you can still expect to hit traffic during the morning and evening rush hours, or if there are road closures due to a major event.

9. Potomac River—ugly and polluted, at best 

There aren't any beaches nearby, and the one body of water D.C. does have, the Potomac River, is polluted from urban waste. (It always looks like someone pooped in it after it rains.) This past year, people were banned from swimming and fishing in the river due to the pollution.

10. Not a state 

"Taxation without representation" is plastered on all of D.C.'s license plates. That's to remind everyone they're paying federal taxes without any voting representatives in Congress. You can find many similar slogans in support of DC Statehood plastered throughout the city.

While D.C. may be a great place to visit, it's a different story when it comes to living here. Take it from me, a Washingtonian; save us, (oops) I mean, save yourself the heartache of moving here. You're welcome to come visit, but please don't stay!

For all the other Washingtonians out there, can you think of any other reasons why people shouldn't move to D.C.? Let us know in the comments below.