You'll be in shock that these 10 Maryland laws ever existed!

Laws. Every state has them, everyone has to follow them—or, at least, not get caught while violating them. But have you ever thought about the old existent laws that might seem seriously out-of-date and ridiculous? Here are 10 Maryland laws that you won't believe!

1. A Woman Can't Go Through Her Sleeping Husband's Pockets

"What's yours is mine" apparently doesn't apply to married couples in Maryland because a woman can get into trouble for poking through her husband's pockets while he's sleeping—but, we also don't think this is the best idea either.

 2. It's Illegal to Scrub Sinks in Baltimore

Let's all take a pause to say yuck ... Apparently, in Baltimore, you are not allowed to clean your sink no matter how dirty it gets.

3. Fortunetelling Is Illegal in Baltimore

We doubt that many people carry around crystal balls and tables in an attempt to let someone know their future anymore, but in Baltimore, you legally can't do it. You'll even be fined $500 or put in jail for a year!

4. Don't Use Profanity While Driving

Nearly everyone curses (even if we don't want to admit to it), especially if a stressful situation happens while driving. But Maryland law says that you're not legally allowed to curse while behind the wheel, especially within earshot of people in surrounding cars!

5. First Cousins Can Get Married

We can't imagine that anybody condones this type of thing anymore, but Maryland law would not stop you from marrying your first cousin ... should that strange desire occur.

6. It's Illegal to Take a Lion to the Movies

While we don't know why you'd feel the inclination to bring a lion to a movie theater (not to mention how you got the lion in the first place!), our Maryland law is there to say that it's not such a good idea anyway!

7. Do Not Grow Thistles in Your Yard

If you're a gardener, stay away from these plants. Maryland is not a fan.

8. A 15-Year-Old Girl Can Get Married Under Certain Conditions

Most women can say in their early teens that they've fantasized about a big wedding, but they also know that most parents would lock them in their rooms before they let that happen. However, Maryland law would allow a 15-year-old girl to get married if their parents agreed to it—and if a doctor found out she was pregnant or had given birth to a child.

9. Do Not Wear a Sleeveless Shirt in a Public Park

You can be fined $10 for being caught in a public park while wearing a sleeveless shirt. Seriously, who knew?

10. Men Can't Go Topless on the Ocean City Boardwalk

For those guys who love to bare some skin during the summer, we're sad to say that you're legally not allowed to do so while you're on the Ocean City Boardwalk. And you have an early 1900s law to thank for that one!

Did you know of any of these crazy Maryland laws? Or do you know of any other laws that we didn't include? Drop your answer in a comment below!