If you've ever felt like the people of Colorado really care about you, it's because they do!

Caring means showing kindness and concern for others, especially those that cannot care for themselves, and in 2020, it's more important than ever to be kind. WalletHub recently decided to find out what the most caring cities in the country are, and three Colorado cities made the cut.

The 100 most populated cities in the country were analyzed. In order to determine what cities were the most caring, researchers looked at 39 different metrics in three key dimensions: Caring for the Community, Caring for the Vulnerable, and Caring in the Workforce. Data included things like the percentage of income donated to charity, most volunteer hours per capita, percentage of sheltered homeless persons, child poverty rate, teacher's care for student’s well-being, violent crime property crime, and more.

Check out the full breakdown here.

Each city was analyzed, and the results weighted to rank the cities from most to least caring:

Source: WalletHub

Denver came in at No. 15, Aurora at No. 16, and Colorado Springs at No. 42. The most-caring city analyzed was Boston, Massachusetts, and the least-caring city was Birmingham, Alabama.

Since the pandemic began, we have seen a lot of kindness and caring nationwide. According to WalletHub, in the first months of the pandemic, 56% of American households engaged in some form of charitable activity. In Colorado, the giving has never stopped. People have stepped in to help others in a way that has been nothing short of remarkable. Donations of money, food, supplies, and hundreds of volunteer hours have been spent helping to make sure our friends and neighbors are okay. 

What do you think about this analysis? Do you agree that Denver, Aurora, and Colorado Springs are the most-caring cities in the state? What city or town in the Centennial State do you find the most compassionate and caring? Let us know in the comments.