While planning a wedding or birthday party can be stressful, finding the perfect venue shouldn’t have to be.

Washington, D.C., has no shortage of beautiful properties and locales to host your most celebrated moments! Here are three events spaces that each offer their own distinct attributes to your next party. Whether you prefer historic, modern, or fun and odd, here are some great venues to suit your unique tastes!

The Historic: The City Club of Washington, D.C.

555 13th Street NW, Washington, D.C., 20004 Located downtown, the City Club of Washington, D.C., is a historic property that plays host to everything from business conferences to weddings to birthday parties, and much more. One of the nice things about this club is that they have an in-house event planner that you can choose to use. This person will make your job that much easier by taking over and doing the tasks that aren’t very exciting, making sure everything gets ordered, set up, and broken down at the end. The event planner makes sure that every last detail that you request is taken care of. You’re able to take a tour of the large private spaces before you book anything, which is nice because you’ll be able to discover all the features and amenities, as well as the flaws, prior to making a decision. The beautiful part of The City Club of Washington, D.C., is that it blends the old with the new -- you can experience a bit of the old Washington, D.C., with unparalleled modern service. Check out more details about the services they offer here. [caption id="attachment_9328" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]event Courtesy of wedding-spot.com[/caption]

The Industrial Modern: Studio 52

1508 Okie Street NE, Washington, D.C., 20002 Studio 52 started as a photography studio, but as the photographer, Drew Xeron, gained popularity, so did his space. His wife (and entrepreneur at the time) transformed the photography studio into a very desired event venue, which now hosts some of the most anticipated events in Washington, D.C. And you can rent it out for a personal event as well! The venue is perfect for someone who wants something different -- something that they know will be unique. It has a bit of an industrial feel with a reclaimed exposed red brick and garage doors, but it's also very artistic and creatively inspiring. The space also features a photo booth (sort of fitting for a former photography studio) that would be included in your rental for an event. Have your engagement party, your fabulous birthday bash, or a New Year’s event here. Learn more about renting the venue out, policies, and amenities at their website here. [caption id="attachment_9329" align="aligncenter" width="623"]event Courtesy of pinterest.com[/caption]

The Weird: The Mansion on O Street and the O Street Museum

2020 O Street NW, Washington, D.C., 20036 The Mansion on O Street also has a flair for the unique, but in a different way than Studio 52. Located in the heart of Dupont Circle, the mansion stretches between several row houses on O Street and features two massive lion sculptures out front. You won’t be able to miss it! Inside, be prepared for a bit of organized chaos, but also be prepared to be completely blown away. You can read the full story of how the founder, H.H. Leonards Spero, created and developed the mansion into what it is today here, but essentially the place houses tons of antiques, rare finds, and unusual pieces. The house itself is an antique rare find, with secret passages, hidden rooms, and endless halls. One of the cool things about the mansion is that most things are available for purchase, but there is also a museum and even a hotel section of the space. This would be the ideal space for a company holiday party, a retreat for a small staff, or a large family gathering. If you like something a little weird (that you know can’t be recreated anywhere else), this is the spot for you. Find out more information on booking The Mansion on O Street here. [caption id="attachment_9330" align="aligncenter" width="800"]event Courtesy of pinterest.com[/caption] Have you used any of these venues for a party before? Tell us about your favorite event space in the comments below!

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