St. Patrick’s Day is nearly upon us!

Who’s to say you can only celebrate Irish heritage on March 17? There are plenty of St. Patrick's Day festivities taking place over the next couple of weeks, really allowing you to make an entire month of it if you’d like! Of course, with this year’s holiday falling on a Saturday, it’s sure to be an affair that shakes the entire DMV. You’ll surely regret it if you don’t take advantage of all the flashy events leading up to March 17: [caption id="attachment_6716" align="aligncenter" width="350"]St. Patrick's Day Courtesy of[/caption]  

Manassas St. Patrick’s Day Parade | March 10

Catch your first of many parades on March 10, at the 19th annual Manassas St. Patrick’s Day Parade. This event will be honoring all things Irish with pipe and drum performances by various organizations, Irish dancers, and more! The event will kick off at Quarry Road, continue down Center Street, and come to an end at the Harris Pavilion.

D.C.’s 47th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade | March 11

This year’s 48th annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade is centered around “Showcasing D.C. Irish Culture.” Are you in search of an opportunity to learn more about your Irish heritage this St. Paddy’s Day? Are you interested in the opportunity to see some of the Irish-American leaders that have played a prominent role in sharing their culture with the DMV area? You’ll find the learning experience you’re looking for at this year’s parade!

St. Patrick’s Day All Day Pre-Game | March 17

Are you and your buddies looking for a place to binge drink as early as 10 a.m. on March 17? In that case, Tysons Biergarten’s “St. Patrick’s Day All Day Pre-Game” is exactly where you should start your celebrations! You’ll get much more than a morning buzz at this event. Biergarten will also be giving away breakfast burritos, green bead necklaces, and color-changing cups. The best part is, you won’t have to worry about pesky cover fees to get in on these festivities!

Luck of the Irish St. Paddy’s Day Pub Crawl | March 17

The only requirement for this event is that you sport as many shades of green as you can fit on your body! Well, that and you have to purchase your tickets in advance. While you may roll your eyes at the idea of paying to visit bars you can attend for free, the benefits that you’ll be getting from the wristbands this crawl supplies will open you up to some deliciously exclusive St. Paddy’s Day drink specials. You’ll be sorry you didn’t take advantage of the opportunity to hop with this group around the best bars in Dupont Circle! [caption id="attachment_6715" align="aligncenter" width="369"]St. Patrick's Day Courtesy of[/caption] What are some of your St. Patrick’s Day traditions? Let us know in the comments!

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