Never getting hangovers? Yeah, that'll change ...

So you've graduated from college—congratulations! Welcome to the adult world. At some moment post-graduation, you'll finally get hit with the realization that it's over. You may be relishing the prospect of no schoolwork ever again, but there are some things you are definitely going to miss.

1. Spontaneous wine drinking on a school night. This doesn't happen quite as much in the adult world.

2. Clubs and societies. Suddenly you have to make an intentional effort to find the nearest activist group or wine-tasting club.

3. You know everyone. The adult world is full of strangers. Beware.

4. Looking like a mess. You can wear pajamas to your 8 a.m. ECON lecture, but your boss won't love it if you do that at your 9-to-5.

5. Procrastinating. It happens in college. In the real world, it can cost you your job.

6. Your body being able to handle obscene amounts of alcohol. Never getting hangovers? Yeah, that'll change.

7. People asking you for your opinion. It's tedious trying to think of something to say for your discussion board post on the Transcendentalist Movement, but someone's asking you to think about it, and they value your thoughts. In the business world, very few people want to hear your opinions on the meaning of life day-to-day.

8. Pranks. Remember when you duct-taped your friend to the elevator wall that time? For some reason, businesses tend to find such antics less amusing.

9. The fact that you're allowed, and encouraged, to question the status quo in the classroom. The working world is not the same.

10. Unbridled access to food. That horrible dining hall food you hate? You'll miss it. Enjoy endless free butter packets and a surplus of apples and oranges you don't have to budget for.

11. The person who cleans your hallway. You'll hardly notice them until one day, they're not there. Turns out dusting is a thing. And taking out the trash kind of sucks.

12. The fact that no one's really in charge. College is the perfect mixture of adulthood (without all the responsibility) and childhood (without all the rules).

13. All-nighters in the library -- staying up late doing stupid things with your friends.

14. Maintaining an inconsistent sleep schedule. In college, everyone does it, so it's fun. In the adult world, you need to sleep eight hours a night. Really.

15. You're basically never, ever alone. The adult world is lonelier than most people like to admit, and most of the time your friends don't live within walking distance, and they happen to be busy when you want to grab dinner.

16. Seeing your friends every day. The working world and its conflicting schedules rob you of this fast.

17. The fact that whatever you're feeling—all that anxiety and excitement and lostness—is shared by everyone around you. Enjoy the fact that you're all in this together.

18. Your social life in a microcosm. You can knock on your neighbor's door at 2 a.m., and you know they'll be there for you.

19. Contemplative moments. Enjoy the fact that you can step outside and walk around campus in the middle of the night, looking at the stars and contemplating life. Enjoy the fact that you get to spend time contemplating life, and that you're not caught up as a soulless fixture of the working world.

20. Your relationship drama and your heartache. Enjoy the fact that you're not married, that you're young, and that you are capable of feeling something so strongly.

21. The annoying obligations of your clubs and organizations. You get to make a difference and be in charge of things. That's cool.

22. Meeting friends from your classes who want to talk about the meaning of life and in-depth literature with you. Enjoy how easy it is to meet people who share your interests.

23. The surplus of free space -- that you can walk around campus and don't have to be afraid anywhere you go.

24. Going out late and feeling terrible the next day.

25. Making mistakes with very few long-term consequences.

26. Spring and summer break. Enjoy them now 'cause you won't get them after you graduate.

27. Getting rejected for that job you really wanted. You're still figuring out who you are, and there's not a ton of pressure to land the perfect job just yet.

28. The friends you meet for a moment, but who change the course of your life forever.

29. Lying out on the Great Lawn, not needing to be anywhere or do anything.

30. How free you are at this moment.

31. Taking an extra year to graduate and soak up every second of the experience.

32. Being busy, 'cause that means you are needed and important.

33. Messing up, and learning to do better.

34. Those successes when they come.

35. Those moments of discovery where your future begins to unfold before your eyes.

36. Those moments when you have no idea where you're going, 'cause that means you can go anywhere.

37. Being alive here.

38. Your dorm room.

39. Being poor and not caring.

40. Feeling things and not knowing why.

41. College, every second of it. Enjoy it 'cause it will be over before you know it.

These years are not for your parents.

They are not for your professors.

They are not for your boyfriend.

They are not for your employer.

These years are for you.

So live them for you, because you deserve that.

Life is short, and we are lucky.

What do you miss most about college? Share your vibes in the comments.