Need a place to cry? We've got you.

Washington, D.C., is so stress-inducing that it's known to create spontaneous bursts of tears. But combine that with a pandemic? You're going to need a place to decompress.

Never fear. Even with all its flaws, Washington, D.C., is one of the best places to cry because it offers so many great backdrops to a fulfilling crying experience. There are plenty of places to cry in D.C.—Here are five of our favorites.

The National Mall and Capitol Lawn

capitol lawn and national mall

This awkwardly brilliant location is always surrounded by people but provides plenty of space to plop down and allow yourself to just let go. If you plan it right, you won't be close enough for anyone to even notice the tears streaming down your face or the sobs wracking your body. Bask in the beauty of the Capitol building—the glory of democracy—and let the sun warm your face. Remind yourself that life is bigger than your job, your broken relationship, the D.C. traffic, and the complexities of our national security. (Of course, if national security is your job, then ... well, I'm not sure you can ever cry enough tears. Sorry?). 

The White House

white house

Courtesy of Business Insider

Especially if your political candidate lost the election (or maybe it was you that lost the election 🤔), the White House fence is a great place to blend in with other blubbering fools. Just stand there and stare at your dreams of power going up in smoke—and let the tears come.

One of the Memorials or Monuments

korean war memorial

Korean War Memorial, courtesy of Dwellus

D.C. is rife with perfectly pleasant, peaceful places to stroll and really think about your life choices. If you're needing a good cry, any of the memorials or monuments will do, but the Korean War Memorial is actually quite jarring. Let yourself get swept up into the sorrow of war and loss. Everyone can use a good, cleansing cry now and then. 

On the Metro 


Courtesy of The Hill

This loud method of transportation will allow you to cry in peace. Though you'll be stuffed into a small train cart with other people, the noise coming from the tracks will distract others from the sounds of your loathing. Just stick some earbuds in, and if anyone notices you, they'll think you're listening to a particularly tear-jerking podcast.

In Your Car

DC traffic

Traffic is so horrific in the area that you're pretty much guaranteed to cry every day anyway I know I've certainly done it. Just get into your car and start driving, and you'll cry so hard from the traffic that you won't remember why you needed to cry in the first place. Perspective, people!

Did we miss an obviously good place to cry in D.C.? We want to know! Leave us a comment below!