We love our flag—and we've got crabs.

People from every state have their own set of stereotypes. But sometimes those little quirks are just plain true! Check out these super-accurate Maryland stereotypes.

Marylanders Tawk Funny

One of the most commonly argued Maryland stereotypes is that we talk funny! While we might not think so, others have expressed quite a different opinion. Some common examples of MD-isms would have to be:

  • Bawl’mer = Baltimore
  • Merlin = Maryland
  • Wooder = Water

We’ve Got Crabs

Okay, obviously not those crabs. What can we say? We love our seafood!! Definitely one of the truest Maryland stereotypes.

We Call Everyone "Hon"

What’s wrong with that? It’s a term of endearment that is uniquely Maryland! We even have “Honfest,” an annual event where we actually celebrate our Hon roots! 

We Hate (with a capital H) the Colts

“Count on losing this Sunday”—a classic line for a classic hatred. Marylanders haven’t gotten over our abandonment issues. How can you just leave the glory of Maryland to go to Indianapolis?! Of all places! Ridiculous.

We Believe Our Flag Is the Best in the Nation

Scratch that, we don’t believe … we KNOW. While it looks like it was ripped from the decoration plans of Medieval Times, our flag is made up of the family crests of the Calvert and Crossland families. Cecil Calvert founded the state of Maryland as an English colony in 1634 (represented with the black and gold). The red and white are from the family of Lord Baltimore’s mother.

What did we miss? Are there other Maryland stereotypes that we should acknowledge? Leave a comment and let us know!