You can't make this stuff up. No, really: We didn't make up the quirky names of these five Maryland towns.

Every now and again, you learn of a town with an ... um, interesting name. We've compiled five of our favorite quirky names of towns around the glorious state of Maryland!

1.  Crapo 

Crapo, Maryland map

Courtesy of Google Maps

No, we didn't spell that incorrectly. And no, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. There is actually a town in Maryland called Crapo. 

2. Blue Ball Village 

Blue Ball sign

Blue Ball Village is an unincorporated community in Maryland. We don't think we have any words for this, except don't show your young children what you're laughing about ...

3. Nanjemoy 

Courtesy of fossilguy

This name is quite the mouthful! But, once you get past that, you can check out nearby Mallows Bay, Maryland's ship graveyard (can anyone say spooky?).

4. Havre de Grace 

Havre de Grace map

Courtesy of Google Maps

Google Translate, here we come! Fun fact: Havre de Grace was almost the U.S. capital before Washington, D.C., was chosen instead. What do you think the U.S. would be like without D.C. as its capital?

5. Accident 

Accident Maryland sign

According to a Maryland teacher and historian, two friends chose the same land to build a home on by accident. Then, they settled on the town's name ... "Accident." Let us all pause to wonder if they ever regretted that decision!

Have you ever been to one of these Maryland towns? What are some other quirky town names in Maryland? Drop a comment below!