Saying "thank you" helps us all walk with our eyes and hearts open this season.

There are countless people to thank in our lives. From family members to frontline workers, to teachers and those who make the workplace something special, please take the time and energy to say "thank-you", intentionally.

Too often, I let the craziness of life take over. While I recognize incredible acts done for me and my family, I can miss the opportunity to respond well. Worse yet, there are days I might not even notice the kind gestures.

Let's all commit to opening our eyes today (and in the days to come). Let's watch for opportunities to say "thank you." To those we love. To perfect strangers.

ways to say thank you

Seize the Moment

Whether someone opens the door for you, picks up something you dropped, or speaks truth into your life, take a moment ... right then ... to say "thank you." It's just two short words, each just a syllable long. Speak up and be sure the kind gesture doesn't go unnoticed.

Publicly Share With Others

This is a fun one. We can brag on a friend in attendance. "Do you all know what Ben did for me this week?" "I've just got to tell you how amazing Sally is ... as if you didn't already know." While Ben and Sally might dismiss your kind words of appreciation, it probably means a great deal to them deep down that you mentioned them.

Pick Up the Phone

Okay, I know texting is easier and more efficient. And it's a good go-to if you can't get a hold of them by phone. But text loses the live conversation and voice inflection. Dial the person's number, and share a heartfelt "thank you" as they answer the phone.

Write a Note

Did you know that the post office still sells stamps and delivers mail (and not just bills!)? Take the time to handwrite a note of thanks to someone who has impacted your life ... in a big or small way. And who doesn't love getting fun mail?

Give a Gift

And then there are moments when we realize life would be impossible without a certain person. Or maybe someone went above-and-beyond saving your biscuits on a work project. Be intentional to find a small gift and attach a note of thanks.

How have you said "thank you" to someone today? Tell us in the comments below.