2. Stanley Hotel, Estes Park 

The Stanley Hotel up in Estes Park is another haunted Colorado location that inspired a horror classic and has been featured on several television shows about haunted places. It's also listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Famed horror writer Stephen King spent the night at The Stanley, and afterward, he was inspired to write his blood-chilling classic, The Shining. King and his wife spent an eerie night as the only guests of the hotel at the close of the season one summer. They found themselves eating dinner alone in a largely empty dining room as music played on speakers. The hotel was also the site of filming for the movie of the same name.

The hotel has 140 rooms and opened in 1909, and had plenty of terrifying tales before King ever spent the night there. The room he slept in, No. 217, is rumored to be haunted by a woman named Elizabeth Wilson, who served as the head housekeeper of the widespread estate. She is said to have been injured in an explosion in the room in the hotel’s early days, breaking her ankles. Though she survived, her ghost is thought to haunt the room and guests have reported lights flickering on and off, items moving, and a feeling of a cold force coming between unmarried guests as they tried to cuddle.

The concert hall of the Stanley Hotel is said to house a ghost by the name of Paul, a man who worked around the hotel, known for enforcing an 11 p.m. curfew. It has been reported by multiple former guests and workers that they can hear him urging them to "get out" in the darkest hours of the night.

These tales, among countless others, have fueled the urban legend and myth that the hotel is the precipice for otherworldly beings. Some former guests have even captured images of ghostly figures.

You can stay in several of the haunted rooms of The Stanley, though they are in high demand. Believe it or not, the luxury hotel is pet-friendly and has plenty of rooms available. There are multiple options for haunted tours and ghost hunts here, as well. With all the history in its walls, it's no wonder this very famous haunted location is so popular.

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