Ted Bundy

One cannot mention a serial killer without the name of Ted Bundy coming up, and Colorado happens to be part of the area where this deranged and murderous man found his prey. Bundy spent time in jail here and escaped ... twice, as well as killed two women.

Bundy arrived in Colorado in 1975, in tiny Snowmass Village on a winter break from law school, and a killing spree across Utah, Washington, and Idaho. Soon after his arrival, Caryn Campbell, a nurse from Michigan who was staying at the Wildwood Inn in Snowmass, was abducted and killed. By April 1975, Bundy had abducted and killed ski instructor Julie Cunningham, and young Denise Oliverson went missing outside of Grand Junction—both of those women's bodies have never been found. 

Bundy then moved on from Colorado, but was brought back in 1977 to face murder charges for his crimes against Campbell. While imprisoned in Aspen, Bundy escaped and went to visit the area where Campbell's body had been found. He was put back in jail in Glenwood Springs, where he escaped, yet again, just a few months later. This time, he fled and made his way to Florida, where he committed the Chi Omega homicides, an attack in which Bundy assaulted, raped, and killed three women and permanently disabled another.

This crime would eventually earn him a death sentence. The state of Florida sent Bundy to the electric chair on January 24, 1989.

The charismatic, handsome, and purely evil Bundy confessed to at least 30 murders, though it's unknown just how many women he truly raped and killed.

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