This collection of tweets shows just how crazy the last 6 months have been ...

2020 started out like any other year; full of hope, excitement, and long lists of things that were going to get done. For most of us, a global pandemic, massive economic crisis, and total yanking of the rug right out from under normal life was not on the radar. Life has changed ... a lot, for everyone. Working from home has become the normal, online learning is becoming old hat, and virtual and live stream events have replaced many in-person events.

Social media has documented how the world has changed and shown us countless pictures of cats and dogs, kids, work from home gifs, virtual performances, and so much more. Take a look at this collection of pandemic tweets that has us laughing (and crying):

It all started with the toilet paper. 

Everyone is making bread, all the time, and it does not seem like it will ever stop.

Parenting tweets ... everyone is going crazy. 

Online learning: the struggle is real. Parents are being reminded exactly how much they do not know or simply forgot from their own time in school, while some are having a lot of fun pranking the kids.

Honesty, we feel you. 

Been there, done that!

Time to be grateful.

Um, thanks? 

Pretty much sums it up.

No one really expected to be living in the world we are in these days, and it shows. What is the craziest, most out-there Tweet you have seen since the pandemic started? Share with us in the comments.