Socialite? Smartypants? Hipster? Check, check, and check.

Whether it's your friend, a friend of a friend, or maybe even yourself, you can probably name off at least a person or two who fits each of these D.C. stereotypes. Every city has its "types" of people. How many of these do you know personally?

The high-end fast-food snob

TaKorean food truck
Courtesy of Facebook

This co-worker can’t stand the thought of actually bringing their own lunch from home. As if a turkey sandwich wasn’t satisfying, this person will leave to find a niche-fusion food truck like TaKorean (pictured). Every. Day. I wish I had unlimited disposable income, too!

The Georgetown socialite

Courtesy of Daro Apartments

Old money and deeply rooted individuals are what Georgetown is all about. You can probably picture this person as you read, all the way from their Armani sport coat to their Gucci loafers. D.C. stereotypes at their classiest.

The foodie

foodie instagramming meal
Courtesy of Pexels

This person went to the “hottest new restaurant” before it was even a thing. They’re always on the lookout for the newest restaurant and will scoff if you mention you’ve been to a new restaurant that they already went to months ago.

The smartypants

Courtesy of Pexels

This person often has at least four recognitions after their name. They’ll let you know that, too. If you try to have a conversation with this person, just keep in mind that they probably will always think they’re right. Basically, you’ll never win a conversation. This is definitely number one on the list of D.C. stereotypes.

The Whole Foods connoisseur

whole foods
Courtesy of DC Eater

You will never catch this person at a local grocery store. Just like the D.C. stereotypes of the high-end fast-food snob, this person prefers to pay $9.99 for one gala organic apple. ​​​​​​​

The Shaw hipster

shaw neighborhood

The gentrification is unreal. It’s happening everywhere, but especially in Shaw. It’s starting to become too trendy for anyone’s own good!

The Private School Supporter

private school kids

This type of person you could see walking the streets on any given day. They could be graduated from college and STILL have their high school lacrosse shorts on. Represent ... I guess?  

What did we miss? What other stereotypes do you meet in D.C.? Tell us in the comments!