Driving in D.C. can be an anxiety-inducing, white-knuckle experience that not everyone can handle. Here's why.

The honking, the gesturing, the double-parking delivery vans ... So much about driving in D.C. can completely ruin your day. Here are just some of our pet peeves, for your viewing pleasure.

1. People park anywhere, any time.

2. The whole "one car-one parking spot" concept is optional to some.

3. If you do actually manage to find a spot on the street, you have to get into it with an audience watching your every move.

4. There are too many one-way streets to keep track of.

5. When rush hour traffic hits, the toll lanes are actual highway robbery.

6. Don't. Block.The. Box.

7. Even the decals are aggressive.

Did we miss anything that makes your blood boil? Let us know in the comments!