Mind. Blown.

Nelson Mandela died while imprisoned in the 1980s, and many people claim they remember watching his funeral on television more than 30 years ago. Only, this wasn't the case. In reality, Mandela died of an illness in 2013. So why do some people remember his death in the '80s? Do we all just have horrible memories, or is it a glitch in the Matrix? Honestly, we don't know. It's probably neither one, but you never know! Stranger things have happened. (Or have they ...?)

Because of these discrepancies, this type of phenomenon is called the Mandela Effect. It's when a collective group of people recall those moments with such clarity, only to learn that what they remembered isn't correct at all.

Now, there are plenty of instances of the Mandela Effect, but we've managed to narrow our list down to eight mind-bending examples that have us doubting ourselves and reality. Seriously, some of the following examples are totally bizarre, and we're still trying to process them all, so be prepared to question everything.

A movie about a wish-granting genie starring Sinbad does not exist

mandela effect
Courtesy of CollegeHumor

Okay, this one really messed me up because I swear there was a '90s movie that starred actor Sinbad as a genie. Like, I remember watching this movie that, apparently, doesn't even exist. And yes, there was the 1996 movie Kazaam with Shaq in the genie role. But there was one with Sinbad, too ... right? Am I going crazy? Probably. Is that going to change the fact that I believe there's a genie movie somewhere out there with Sinbad in the starring role? Absolutely not.

The Berenstein Bears vs The Berenstain Bears

mandela effect
Courtesy of Imgur

Remember that beloved children's book series, The Berenstein Bears? Well, the series is actually called The Berenstain Bears, with an "a." When I was a kid, I could've sworn it was an "e" instead of an "a" in the bear family's name. Then again, I was a kid and learning to spell at the time, so maybe I misread it? Very likely. Or maybe the authors changed the name over time? Yeah, not likely—especially since the authors spell their last name as Berenstain, not Berenstein.

"We Are the Champions" doesn't end the way you think it does

mandela effect
Courtesy of entertainment.ie

Sing it with us: "No time for losers, 'cause we are the champions ... of the world!" So, what if we told you that the "of the world" line is not part of the song—not at the beginning, middle, or end? The song ends with "we are the champions," plain and simple. Don't believe us? Go listen to the song and see for yourself, then come back and we'll see how right you are.

Harry Houdini's death

mandela effect
Courtesy of Wikipedia

Many people believe that famous escape artist Harry Houdini died while attempting one of his stunts, with a vast majority claiming they saw him. This is not true. Houdini actually died from a ruptured appendix. This false memory of Houdini's death could have been due to the 1953 movie starring Tony Curtis, Houdini, which shows the famous magician drowning while submerged in a "water torture" tank before later dying on stage.

The show was not called Sex in the City

mandela effect
Courtesy of Lift the Veil

The iconic television series, Sex and the City, which aired from 1998 to 2004, was not called Sex in the City as many people remember seeing it. I mean, really. Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda would be disappointed in us.

The Monopoly Man never wore a monocle

mandela effect
Courtesy of Steemit

It's the game that's been dividing families since its creation in 1935, and in more ways than one. Perhaps one of the biggest disagreements people seem to have over the game is whether or not the Monopoly Man, Rich Uncle Pennybags, wears a monocle or not. Answer: he doesn't. Maybe folks are merely confusing him with the Mr. Peanut peanut mascot?

"Hello, Clarice" is not a line in The Silence of the Lambs

mandela effect
Courtesy of indiewire.com

It's one of the most famous lines in movie history, yet it was never said. That's right, Hannibal Lecter doesn't greet Clarice with the infamous "Hello, Clarice," but rather a simple "Good morning" and nothing more. Watch the scene in all of its creepy glory.

Interview with the Vampire or Interview with a Vampire?

mandela effect
Courtesy of Twitter

When you type in "Interview with ..." the first thing that pops up in Google is typically Interview with a Vampire. And that's fine and all, but it's not the correct title of the movie or book it's based on. It's actually Interview with the Vampire. And now my whole life is a lie.

Looney Tunes vs Looney Toons

mandela effect, looney tunes
Courtesy of Good House Keeping

Good ol' Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck from Looney Toons—wait, it's actually Looney Tunes? "Tunes" as in songs? Yep. As a kid, "Toons" would make more sense, you know, because it's a cartoon, but due to the rivalry with Disney, Warner Bros. wanted to compete with the Silly Symphonies. Thus, "Tunes" rather than "Toons."

What do you think? Is the Mandela Effect a real-life phenomenon? Are we merely remembering false memories? Or have we been transported to a parallel universe where everything is not as we believed it to be? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below, and let us know what other Mandela Effect examples make you lose your mind.