Driving in Maryland can be a cross between a NASCAR race and the worst chase scenes in "Mad Max." Have you ever seen any of this out on the road?

You have to admit that at one point or another, we've all had the same thought: Maryland drivers are HORRIBLE. Whether they're riding on your butt like they're trying to read your dashboard or they're not letting you into a merge lane, they make themselves known out on the roads.

Get out of the way—there's a Maryland driver coming through!

1. Parking lines are just vague suggestions.

2. Some of them tend to multi-task.

3. They can be just so mean sometimes!

4. The whole "I'm-never-going-to-let-you-in-my-lane" mentality is everywhere.

5. They block the box.

6. Tailgating is a big thing. High beams are just another way of expressing yourself.

7. The shoulder is another lane here, apparently.

8. It's so bad, even the signs have to address the unsafe driving.

Did we miss any of your biggest pet peeves about Maryland drivers? Sound off in the comments if we did!