We parents have all been there, finding ourselves in a neverending conversation with a chatterbox kiddo who talks our ears off about any and every subject. It's endearing and annoying all at once. Kudos, though, to this dad who decided to turn his kid's "Wanna know somefing?" conversations into data on a spreadsheet, and eventually into a pie chart.

"From 8/23/20 to 8/29/20 I recorded the number of times my kid started a sentence with the words, "wanna know somefing?" on the Notes app on my phone. I made this visual representation of the data in Google Sheets," Reddit user u/wequiock_falls posted.

[OC] What I'm about to learn about after my kid says, "Wanna know somefing?" Data collected over the course of 7 days. from r/dataisbeautiful

The breakdown of data is as follows:

Current Happenings—10.5%
Paper Mario—7%
Gravity Falls—7%
Wild Kratz—7%
Future Aspirations—5.3%
Past Experiences—5.3%
Space Facts—5.3%
Math Facts—3.5%
Animal Facts—3.5%
Calvin and Hobbes—3.5%
Captain Underpants—3.5%
Story Pirates—1.8%

I just want to say: If a child feels like they can talk to their dad this much about random things, they obviously feel loved and empowered and confident. They feel heard.

Hats off to u/wequiock_falls for achieving #parentinggoals.

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