While many Turkey Trot 5K Events are going virtual this year, you can still gobble up the fun while running on Thanksgiving.

Whether you "run for pie" or can be found "strutting your stuffing," you can still plan to participate in a Turkey Trot 5K this Thanksgiving.

According to Runners World, the Turkey Trot dates back to 1896. The 8K event was held by the YMCA in Buffalo, New York, well over a hundred years ago. Only six people participated, and only four of those finished the race. Since that humble beginning, Turkey Trot 5K events have rapidly gained popularity across the nation. Thanksgiving is now the most popular day for running with more than 1 million registered runners engaging in a Turkey Trot 5K.

But with the pandemic, many events are either canceled or going virtual. So, we've put together a few ideas so that you can still have your turkey and eat it, too. (After you run, of course.)

Participate in Virtual Turkey Trot Events

Many annual 5K events have shifted to virtual runs due to the pandemic. Check out this website to see the active Turkey Trot race events in your area.

Order Your Own Turkey Trot 5K Gear

Shirt design companies, such as Custom Ink, offer a wide variety of creative Turkey Trot shirts that you can customize with your family's name and the year. If you're tight on time, Amazon offers options for Turkey Trot shirts with Prime 2-day shipping.

Create a Turkey Trot 5K for Your Immediate Family

With or without the "proper" Turkey Trot 5K shirts and costumes, you can create a running event for your family this Thanksgiving. Chart out a 5K course, or 3.11 miles, in your neighborhood or in a nearby park. Grab your running shoes, stretch, and enjoy running together. It's okay if you take a break here and there to walk. The point is to get moving ... and enjoy doing it. You can award prizes such as the "most unique stance," "most resembling a turkey," or "most encouraging" to each person running.

Will you run a Turkey Trot 5K this Thanksgiving? Any other fun ideas to create your own Turkey Trot? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.