The new doll embraces everything '80s—from Caboodles to Pac-Man.

American Doll has introduced a new member to the family—Courtney Moore. Based in 1986 California, this new historical character doll comes dressed in a denim skirt and crop top with her hair styled in those popular '80s spiral curls. There is amazing line of accessories for Courtney that include '80s fashions: Lip Smacker lip balm, a Caboodles vanity case, Care Bears, unicorn-themed school supplies, and more. This collection is so full of nostalgia, some moms may want to buy it for themselves (nothing makes you feel older than having your decade called "historical").

Every new American Girl doll comes with a story, and Courtney’s is about becoming a computer programmer. American Girl has partnered with the nonprofit Girls Who Code to encourage girls to pursue careers in science and technology.

“Girls are constantly online, using apps, playing games, and more; that’s why it’s so important that they also see themselves on the other side of those products, actually building them,” says Reshma Saujani, CEO of Girls Who Code. “It’s our goal to show girls the power of learning this skill set so that they can code the future they want to live in and, ultimately, change the world.”

Courtney with Boombox

Courtesy American Girl

American Girl will be matching contributions dollar-for-dollar in support of Girls Who Code outreach to girls from underrepresented minority groups. The company is also awarding four girls a $5,000 scholarship towards a career in computer science. Visit for more information.

Kids can learn all about the new girl in town by visiting YouTube and watching “Meet Courtney: An American Girl Movie” and other content. An interactive site for Courtney will be online on Oct. 1, and visitors to American Girl stores can take advantage of a special Courtney giveaway on Sept. 25, 2020. Two books about Courtney that describe her life in fictional Orange Valley, California, are also available. Courtney Moore dolls and accessories are already available online and in American Girl retail stores.