Journey to the past with the "Call of Colorado", a video from the '60s that showcases all of the hottest attractions from back in the day.

It's no secret that Colorado is awesome, as people have been drawn to the area for hundreds of years. Colorado is the kind of place that has a little bit of something for everyone, and it turns out that our great state has always been that way. (Not that we're surprised!) 

The Call of Colorado, an armchair vacation film made back in the early 1960s, can be viewed on YouTube that takes the viewer back in time, with images of the state before it was as developed or populated as it is today.

It was shared on the YouTube account travelfilmarchive, which you can see below:

Listening to the rich history of the state in the commentary, there are some gems; the dorms and classrooms at the Air Force Academy being described "as modern as the aerospace age we live in" and talking about the latest fad of riding tires down the rivers of the state. 

The most popular attraction, at least according to this video, was the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, which graduated its very first class in 1959. A back in the day, tours of Falcons Stadium and the iconic and unique Air Force Chapel show how proud the state was to be the home of the Academy. The Air Force Academy is still a very popular site to visit and gets about a million tourists a year. 

The film mentions many other iconic spots around the state, describing the City of Denver as the "Gateway to the Rockies," and highlighting the mini-golf course downtown as having "land value worth a king’s ransom," which is an accurate description of Downton property values today! Other areas around Denver that are mentioned are the "World Famous Elitch Gardens, three acres of flowers and fun under the sun" with its working solar-floral clock and the opportunity for parents to rent a babysitter for the day.

City Park, "one of cleanest best cared for parks we have ever seen with magnificent statuary throughout," is also mentioned. 

Anyone who is a sucker for Colorado’s history and nostalgia will have a lovely time looking back at once was and appreciate what still is the beauty of Colorado. As the video says, "You can spend weeks and months in Colorado and still wish you had years to see every mile of it."

Let us know what you think about this fun journey back into the history of Colorado’s most popular attractions in the comments below.