Colorful Colorado will soon be getting even more public art in the form of murals painted by local artists. Art project aims to connect with Coloradans about their health.

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) is looking for local artists to help with a statewide mural project. The CDPHE was awarded a $25,000 Arts in Society grant from Redline Contemporary Arts Center and it will be used to commission five local artists for this project. There will be at least five murals painted in geographically diverse areas of Colorado.

The CDPHE is hoping to embody and depict the findings of the state's recent health and environmental assessment with the mural project. Its goal is to bring Coloradans together and inspire them to be involved in bettering their own health, as well as the environment.

Applications for artists interested in participating are open until 11:59 p.m. on August 15. The murals are projected to be completed by December 31.

The Mural Action Team – a group made up of artists, community members, and public health professionals – will review applications and decide on the final artists selected. The team will review the following criteria when making their choice for this project:

  • Accessibility: High-visibility locations easily viewable by the public.
  • Ecological friendliness.
  • Contemporary relevance: Geographically, socio-culturally and historically relevant.
  • Feasibility: Completed by December 31, 2019.
  • Permanence: Lasting a minimum of five years.
  • Local connection: Artist must have lived in Colorado for five years.
  • Representation of the state’s 2018 Health and Environment Assessment: Represent and link to the state public health and environment assessment, including the department’s logo.

Anne-Marie Braga, the department’s director of the Office of Planning, Partnerships, and Improvement, made this statement in a press release:

“Too often our reports just sit on a shelf. We want this work to live on and create a buzz within communities, so people take action to improve their health and the environment.”

This sounds like a very innovative and creative way to connect with the people of Colorado and bring attention to the issue of improving health in the state. We can't wait to see all the creativity and the finished murals that come from this project!

What do you think about this community art project? Will you be applying for one of the five spots to make your own artistic mark on Colorado? Let us know in the comments below.