Meet "Quarantine Clark and Ellen," one woman's way to bring laughter to a time of uncertainty. 

The creative people of Denver have shown resilience during the pandemic and have shown that there's nothing that can damper creative impulses. This local woman has taken a new spin on yard art, and the results are hilarious. 

Kate Davis, a local photographer based in Arvada, normally photographs engagements, maternity shoots, senior pictures, etc., making it a point to capture the moments of laughter in people's lives. “I take photos that won’t bore your grandkids. I make them with love, humor, and intent," Davis said.

She added, "if you can laugh, there isn’t anything you can’t get through."

And that's exactly what she's done with a handful of plastic skeletons and various costume pieces. The resulting yard diorama has been a series of hilarious scenes featuring the skeletons in various activities and pop culture-inspired poses. Davis's neighbors love it, and her whole family is pitching in on helping her set up and create the magic. They have even started a request list where passerby can write down in sidewalk chalk ideas for what they want to see next. 

Check out some of the hilarity below:

Davis has begun documenting each scene and sharing it online through an Instagram account @quarantine_clark. A new scene is posted every day, relating to all the things going in the world right now.

"When the pandemic lockdown first began I wanted to start documenting it and going out in the city but I didn't want to be a part of the problem, but I wanted to make an impact somehow and so I leaned into my sarcastic side to spread a little humor in life," Davis told Our Community Now. "Our world is really weird right now, so we are just embracing it and hopefully bring a little more happiness.

For Davis, the best thing about all of this is listening to people laugh as they walk by and watching their reactions through her front windows. 

We appreciate all of Davis's efforts and agree that the world needs more laughter, especially when things get so serious. 

What do you think about all this silliness? Have you seen any of the skeleton scenes? Share your favorite one in the comments.